Meet 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update


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Sumeet stumbles due to the skate boards and about to fall on sharp object placed by Shagun but gets saved by Shlok. Shagun feels annoyed by her plan failing. She is about to ask Shlok what be is doing there but Sumeet tells her to thank Shlok for saving her dear daughter in law’s life. Sumeet lies about fasting for Raunak and putting veil is a part of the same. Shlok fools Shagun by saying he came to check if she is troubled by Sumeet. She falls for his words and tells him to keep an eye on Sumeet while she goes to meet lawyer to get Raunak bail.

Sumeet sees Shlok’s hand got hurt for saving her. She asks him to hold her veil while she does first aid to him . Shlok tells her idea of putting veil is good and she says she did it so that his mother’s oath is not broken. Sumeet tells him everything will be sorted once Raunak confesses that Shagun had made Shlok sit in his place in wedding altar. Shagun tells lawyer that she has got fake medical reports. Raj overhears it and informs the same to Sumeet.

Shlok asks Sumeet what they will do next. Latter says when they used to play chess, Meet used to tell them to understand game of other side too so that they can be defeated. Raunak sees Sumeet in jail and asks what she is doing there. Latter teases him by saying he is smelling bad and then says she will record his video for fans of wonderboy. Shlok also comes there and acts to scold Sumeet for disturbing Raunak. Sumeet tells Raunak to sing a song and she keeps mocking Raunak. They provoke Raunak to get himself freed from jail.

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Shlok drags Sumeet outside and asks her if she is sure Raunak will bribe constable. She says she is sure he will do it and then they can catch him red handed and get his bail canceled. As Sumeet’s veil flows to Shlok’s face,they share a sweet moment. They get shocked to see Shagun already at police station. They hide but Sumeet sees cockroach and screams however they escape from Shagun’s eyes. They think if Raunak talks to Shagun their plan will get flop. Constable informs inspector that wonderboy wants to talk to him.

Raunak requests inspector to take as much money as he wants but clear his name from Priya’s murder case. He gets shocked to see media there who question if Raunak is really involved in the case that’s why he was bribing police. Lawyer tells it’s impossible to get the bail now. Sumeet tears off the bail papers. Raj comes his room and looks for Priya and finds her in cupboard. She says about being nervous but Raj assures her safety. Sumeet and Shlok enjoy milk and Jalebi together to celebrate their small win. Poonam and Bitti also go to buy sweets and ask Shlok who he is with. Sumeet pretends to be a stranger who was helped by Shlok. The episode ends with Poonam telling her Shlok is getting married to Bitti in three days.

Episode ends.