Meet 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Raunak Plans to Kill Shlok


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Raunak was on the verge of confessing that he’s not mentally unstable, but Shagun suddenly arrives and asks him what he is going to say. Upon seeing her, Raunak immediately starts acting again, pretending to be mad and insists on receiving an electric shock. Shagun accuses Sumeet of breaking the challenge’s rules by bringing in a doctor. She claims that Sumeet must be punished and forces her to sit on a chair, pretending to administer a shock, creating panic among everyone. Shagun gives Sumeet a 12-hour deadline to improve Raunak’s mental condition without going near him or else get ready for punishment. Shagun thinks you won’t be able to win this task because he is not mad he is perfectly fine.

Anju and Rajiv worry about the potential punishments Shagun might impose on their children. Shlok heads to the kitchen but begins to experience panic attacks due to the memory of Akki being in danger and Shagun’s warning and says I don’t know how to save my family from the situation. Raunak locks Shlok inside the kitchen and opens the gas pipe, plotting to harm him. He revels in the idea of killing Shlok and smirks wickedly.

Poonam offers encouragement to the family and urges Sumeet to look after Shlok. Raunak ignites a matchstick, and as Sumeet heads toward the kitchen with dirty utensils, she arrives in time to turn off the gas regulator before Raunak’s plan can succeed. She discovers matchsticks near the window and concludes that Raunak intended to hurt Shlok. Sumeet confronts Raunak, telling him to stop pretending since she’s aware he’s not mentally unstable.

Sumeet continues to provoke Raunak, urging him to stop being a coward and show his true nature. She highlights how he’s hidden behind Shlok’s voice and accuses him of being a loser. Raunak struggles to control his emotions but, provoked further, he confesses that he’s not mad. He asserts that she and Shlok won’t be able to prove anything. While Shlok secretly records the confession, Raunak notices and breaks his phone. Raunak taunts Sumeet, suggesting that she will soon be their slave.

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Meanwhile, Pankhuri receives a text from Raj asking to meet. Raj intends to catch Priyanka red-handed and messages her to wear a green outfit, claiming it’s his favorite color. He pretends that he wants to propose to her with a solitaire ring. Priyanka sees Pankhuri searching through her closet for a green dress and also asks her for a loan of 5000 rupees. Tailors sent by Shagun visit Shlok’s house, claiming they’ve come for measurements. They show a video of Shagun threatening them, saying they’ll be forced into servitude and even beaten up. Shlok starts to panic, imagining the scenario, and suffers a panic attack.

When the tailors try to take Shlok’s measurements, he loses his temper, grabs a stick, and shouts hysterically, pushing them outside. Sumeet steps in to calm Shlok down and offers him some water. Meanwhile, Raunak acknowledges that Shagun is playing her game well, aiming to drive Shlok mad. However, Raunak has more sinister intentions; he wants to kill Shlok instead. He vows to take action at night and predicts that Shlok’s last day will be the next. Sumeet continues to care for her family as tensions rise. Raunak pays to have a wild animal attack Shlok, declaring that no one will be able to save him now.

Precap: Raunak on call says now I only have 6 hours to finish this game. Sumeet hears him talking and asks, I’m sure he is planning something, I should follow him.
Sumeet in the market follows him but Raunak dodges her.
Raunak says now it’s time to play my game, he pushes Shlok into a cage with a gorilla.