Meet 24th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet finds Mayra


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Sumeet and Raunak are in a room. Raunak surprises Sumeet by showing her a decorated room. Sumeet is shocked and asks him why he did this. He says it’s their bed, and they should sleep together. Sumeet questions why he thought of this. Raunak responds that Shagun told him to do it. In a flashback, it’s shown that Shagun manipulated Raunak, instructing him to make Sumeet feel special by decorating the room and asking her to sleep with him. Raunak puts a bridal veil on Sumeet and tries to force her to sleep on the same bed. Shlok enters the room and begins hitting Raunak, but Sumeet stops him.

Shlok warns Raunak to stay away from Sumeet and leaves the room with her. This leaves Raunak angry. Shlok gathers all the family members and tells them about the incident. Sumeet explains that Raunak’s eyes are filled with anger, and he can be dangerous. Raunak wears a mask and holds a trident. Sumeet recalls how Raunak’s doctor warned that he could harm someone if his demands aren’t met. Shlok suggests going to the police station to confess about breaking the contract and end the game, but Raunak locks everyone inside the room.

Priyanka asks Pankhuri where Mayra is. They are shocked to see Raunak holding Mayra. They all plead with Raunak to let her go. Priyanka scolds Pankhuri for being careless and leaving Mayra alone despite having an unstable person in the house. Sumeet breaks down the door, and everyone rushes out. Raunak places Mayra in a cardboard box outside the house. Shlok demands to know where Mayra is, but Raunak remains stubborn and refuses to tell. Shlok and Sumeet head outside to search for Mayra. Raunak tells them that if they want to find her, the entire family must kneel in front of him.

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Despite searching, neither Shlok nor Sumeet notices Mayra in the cardboard box, and she gets covered by newspapers. Raunak demands that the family act like chickens to ensure Mayra’s safety. Pankhuri and Poonam hold their ears in obedience, but Rajiv advises against following Raunak’s orders. Pankhuri cries, saying she won’t forgive them if anything happens to Mayra. The family eventually kneels down, which amuses Raunak, and he claps gleefully.

Mayra’s cardboard box is placed with other waste. Raunak reveals that he left Mayra with the scrap collector (kabadi). Sumeet discovers Mayra’s chain and suspects Raunak hid her there. A man drops a burnt cigarette, causing a fire in the waste. Ashok informs Shlok that Raunak left Mayra with the scrap collector. Amidst the flames, Sumeet hears Mayra crying. She reaches Mayra, picks her up, and carefully tries to escape. Shlok arrives, looking for them. He finds a water pipe and tries to extinguish the fire, determined to reach Sumeet and Mayra.

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