Meet 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bilawal tries to scare Sumeet


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Sumeet looking after the arrangements. She confronts Naaz when she realizes Naaz is secretly taking pictures. Naaz explains that she’s a videographer permitted by her ministry to cover the event. She shows her identity card to prove it. Sumeet pretends that Naaz is her younger sister, and they both express their wishes for peace and love between their nations. Naaz admits to taking candid photos secretly and continues to capture the event. While wandering around, Naaz notices someone whispering to Nandi’s idol and asks Sumeet about it. Sumeet explains that making wishes to Nandi often results in them coming true, and she wishes to reunite with Shlok soon. She daydreams about dancing with Shlok. Naaz, on the other hand, wishes that Adil loves her as much as she loves him and imagines a romantic dance with him.

When Sumeet and Naaz accidentally collide, their lockets become entangled. Sumeet suggests that Naaz should open her locket to untangle them, but Naaz refuses, as it was a gift from her fiancé. Instead, she proposes that Sumeet should remove her necklace. However, Sumeet declines, explaining that it’s a mangalsutra, a necklace husbands give to their wives during marriage. This leads to a friendly debate and challenge between Sumeet and Naaz.

Meanwhile, Shlok ponders how to return home to Sumeet. He overhears Naaz’s granddad singing a song and helps him complete the lyrics. Impressed by Shlok’s sweet voice, the granddad asks how he knows the song’s lyrics, given that he lives abroad in the US. Shlok mentions that when you truly want to know something, no boundaries can stop you. The granddad shares his wish to visit India to see his childhood home and old streets again.

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Shlok encourages him to fulfill his wish and suggests he go secretly. They also talk about a friend who fell in love with an Indian girl and wishes to cross the border to marry her. The granddad recommends meeting Kafur, who can help. Shlok asks the granddad to keep this conversation secret, and in return, he promises to sing for him once he returns from helping his friend.

Back at the event, Sumeet and her bandmates wait for a singer to perform. Sumeet hopes Shlok will come after seeing the posters, but unfortunately, someone else arrives. Disheartened, she wonders how Shlok could have missed the posters. Bilawal arrives and taunts Sumeet, falsely claiming that Shlok has been arrested. Sumeet after hearing says this means Shlok is in jail and I have to get him out of jail. He smirks as he watches Sumeet leave the event in distress.

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