Meet 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok and Sumeet unknowingly cross path with each other.


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Sumeet gets posters made to find a singer for the Ganesh Chaturthi performance. While Shlok and Naaz pass by Sumeet, she doesn’t notice him despite feeling his presence. Naaz talks to Shlok about malls and street shopping in Pakistan, and Shlok accidentally mentions Chandni Chowk, a place in India. He quickly covers up by saying there’s a Chandni Chowk replica in the US. Naaz suggests that Shlok should return to the US. Shlok notices a man removing a Ganesh Chaturthi poster and asks him to respect God.

The Pakistani man confronts Shlok, questioning his religion and if he’s Hindu. Sumeet arrives at the scene but can’t see Shlok’s face due to the crowd. Naaz steps in and introduces Shlok as Adil, their guest. She tells Shlok he still has good values but needs to impress her more. Shlok hears Sumeet’s voice while she talks to a shopkeeper and tries to find her but wonders how she could be there.

Raj reads a letter left by Sumeet apologizing for going to Pakistan despite their objections. She explains that she couldn’t let her husband and the family’s son suffer, so she had to go. She asks Raj to take care of the family in her absence. Raj promises to fulfill his duties and is proud of Sumeet’s bravery. However, he worries about how she’ll handle the enmity in Pakistan and bring her love back. Sumeet hopes Shlok sees the poster and understands her hint. She helps a blind man struggling to walk and receives his blessings. When he refuses money, she gives him candies.

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Later, Shlok encounters the same blind man and realizes the candies are the same ones Sumeet likes. He wonders if Sumeet is really in Pakistan and follows a trail of bubbles she created. Just as he’s about to reach her, he hears a lady asking for help and misses seeing Sumeet. Meanwhile, Raj blames himself for not fulfilling his role as a brother properly, feeling guilty that Sumeet left for Pakistan alone.

Priyanka tries to console Raj, while Pankhuri arrives and criticizes Sumeet for not considering Raj’s feelings before leaving. Priyanka defends Sumeet and asks Raj to stop blaming himself. Naaz gets attacked by her obsessive lover, Raja. Shlok saves her and helps her fend off the attacker. Naaz is impressed by Shlok’s actions and hugs him, thinking she can’t reject a guy who respects women so much. She holds Shlok’s hand as they walk away, all while Sumeet is nearby but misses seeing them.

Precap: None