Meet 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet slaps Shlok


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Sumeet slaps Shlok, which shocks Poonam. Sumeet blames Shlok for trying to sabotage her marriage and calls him a fraud. Shlok remains silent while Sumeet continues to accuse him of cheating her and breaking her trust once again. As she leaves, a vase falls on Shlok’s feet, hurting him. Shlok picks up Sumeet’s watch and cries. Poonam believes that her son is precious and vows to never let a girl like Sumeet enter her house. Shlok and Sumeet keep looking at each other while Raj and Vani take pictures with Sumeet.

Pankhuri sees Raj talking to some business guests and goes to greet him. Raj invites her to sit with them, but her younger sister interrupts and informs her that Shagun is calling them. Shagun applies haldi to Abhay and Raunak. Shlok tries to hit Raunak, who teases him for failing in his plan. Shlok questions Raunak about his actions. Raunak recalls how he had seen Priya with Shlok and manipulated her to instigate Sumeet against Shlok by claiming that he paid her to show photoshopped pictures of her with Raunak. Raunak challenges Shlok, stating that he will marry Sumeet at any cost. However, Shlok warns Raunak to be cautious, as he loves Sumeet deeply and will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Sumeet becomes upset, thinking that she lost Meet’s watch. Shlok sends it back to her with a note, saying that she should listen to her heart and she will find the answer that Shlok is good and honest. Sumeet asks her dad to choose one finger, and the one she selects indicates that Shlok is good. Poonam also chooses the same finger. However, Sumeet says that she will listen to her brain and not her heart. Shlok’s mother recalls Sumeet slapping Shlok and caresses his cheeks. He gives her his earned money, but she tells him to use it to buy clothes instead.

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Poonam tells Shlok that their neighbor, Bitti, has returned and is now an air hostess. Shlok jokes that she must have demanded bitter gourd curry. Poonam expresses her wish to find a good girl like Bitti for Shlok. Shlok gets an idea to stop Raunak and Sumeet’s marriage and becomes happy. He hugs Poonam and leaves cheerfully. She wishes for his eternal happiness. Sumeet is on her way to her beauty salon appointment when she notices blind children struggling to cross the road.

Sumeet goes into the middle of the road and tries to stop the vehicles so that the kids can cross safely. Shagun, who is driving and checking her phone, accidentally hits one of the kids. The public demands her to stop the car, and she hands over a bundle of money without getting out of the car, and then drives away. Sumeet follows her car and manages to stop her. She asks Shagun to come out and apologize to the child. Shagun notices Sumeet and realizes that she may recognize her. As Shagun steps out of the car, Sumeet begins to tremble, as she recalls her past encounter with Shagun when she was a child.

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