Meet 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok reaches Pakistan with Akki in transport truck.


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Sumeet tries to call Shlok but can’t reach him. She reassures everyone that Akki is with Shlok in the truck. Poonam says we trust you. However, Sumeet feels nervous and contacts the transport office to get details about the truck’s destination. While waiting for information, Shagun throws a bucket of water on Sumeet and taunts her to wipe off her sindoor (a symbol of marriage).

Shagun cruelly says that Shlok won’t return anymore and claims that the truck Shlok is in has reached Pakistan. Sumeet eventually receives a call from the transport office, confirming that the truck is headed to Pakistan for transporting goods. Shagun mocks Sumeet, asking her how she plans to bring Shlok back. Dadi gets angry she slaps Shagun and tells everyone to close the door. Raj brings a broomstick, and the family members gather around Shagun, beating her harshly. Sumeet boldly declares that not even Pakistan can keep her away from Shlok. Shagun runs away. Rajiv states that anyone helping the enemy is an enemy, including Anju, and he accuses her of being involved with Shagun, leading to Shlok and Akki ending up in Pakistan. Rajiv harshly tells Anju to leave the house, and she pleads and falls at his feet, begging for forgiveness. Sumeet requests Anju to stop fighting among themselves.

Meanwhile, Shagun uses her contacts to spread false information that Shlok is an undercover spy from India who took a child as a shield and has entered Pakistan. She even sends pictures to support her claims.

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Shlok is with Akki and witnesses a mob brutally attacking a man.

Shagun and Raunak smirk, believing that Shlok will be welcomed with hostility in Pakistan and left all alone, don’t know what he will do there alone.

Akki questions Shlok about their location and expresses his desire to go back home. Shlok looks around and senses they are outside Delhi. However, as they move further, he becomes more confused. He notices that his phone has no network while others are using theirs. Akki asks for water, so Shlok takes him to find some. They come across a cricket match between Pakistan and India, and while Shlok and Akki cheer for India, the people around them look at them angrily. Shlok confidently predicts that India will win, further irritating the onlookers.

Sumeet goes to meet with foreign secretariat officials to seek help regarding Shlok and Akki mistakenly ending up in Pakistan. Another woman waiting there shares her husband’s story, who went to Pakistan to visit his mother but hasn’t returned in 15 days. She mentions that it’s challenging for anyone from India to return safely from there. Meanwhile, the lady’s husband is being beaten by the public in Pakistan, and when the police arrive, they scold him for marrying and going to India, subjecting him to further violence. Akki gets scared as he witnesses the crowd getting unruly in Pakistan after losing the cricket match, while Shlok realizes the gravity of their situation.

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