Meet 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet Saves Akki


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Sumeet and Shlok lock their family members inside the house. Sumeet becomes nervous when her chain breaks off, thinking it’s a bad omen. She then leaves with Shlok and Akki. Shlok calls the bomb squad to inform them about the bomb.

Meanwhile, Rajiv opens the house door and comes out, followed by the family members. Anjali and Rajiv search for Akki. There, Sumeet urges the bomb squad to hurry and assures Akki that she will protect him at any cost.

Raunak assures Shagun that he won’t let the bomb squad reach Shlok’s family and will win this fight against them. He gets annoyed seeing Anjali and Rajiv at their doorstep. He decides to throw them out, but Shagun stops him and asks him to focus on their plan as she will handle them. Raunak agrees and leaves the place. Anjali begs for mercy and asks Shagun to forgive everyone. Shagun says my enemy is Sumeet whatever I’m doing is just to take revenge on Meet’s daughter Sumeet.

Sumeet asks Shlok to check on the bomb squad. Shlok calls them. Sumeet and Shlok are shocked to learn that the bomb squad left the place and wonder why they haven’t reached their location yet. They both panic, wondering how to save Akki.

Anjali begs Shagun to spare her son Akki from all this and offers herself to be killed instead. Shagun tells her that she doesn’t have any problem with her or her family members but with Sumeet. She then shows the remote through which she can either defuse the bomb or kill Akki. Rajiv pleads with Anjali not to fall into Shagun’s trap. Anjali refuses to listen to Rajiv and agrees to do whatever it takes to protect Akki.

Sumeet and Shlok argue when Sumeet suggests that Shlok leave, saying she will try to defuse the bomb. Shlok refuses to leave her and argues with her. Sumeet hugs him and cries. Shlok convinces Sumeet to stay by her side while she defuses the bomb.

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Shagun gives a gun to Anjali and asks her to kill Sumeet, promising to spare Akki’s life in return. Meanwhile, Sumeet and Shlok are tensed about the limited time they have left to save Akki. They struggle to choose which wire to cut to defuse the bomb. Before Sumeet can cut the wire, Anjali arrives and pushes Sumeet away, holding her at gunpoint. Rajiv, Sumeet, and Shlok try to calm down Anjali. Rajiv takes Anjali aside while Sumeet attempts to defuse the bomb. Meanwhile, the family members pray for the safety of Akki and the others.

Sumeet successfully defuses the bomb. Anjali and Rajiv are overjoyed, and Shlok and Sumeet are relieved. Anjali expresses her gratitude towards Sumeet for saving Akki and regrets her previous behaviour towards Sumeet. They all share a hug. Shlok informs the family members that Sumeet defused the bomb, making everyone happy and relieved.

Sumeet and the others notice Shagun approaching them with her car and ask everyone to stay alert. Shagun tries to hit them with her car, but Shlok and Sumeet save Akki and his parents. Shagun makes another attempt, but Shlok takes Akki with him and gets into a truck. Sumeet, Anjali, and Rajiv become worried. A box inside the truck falls on Shlok and Akki, causing them to lose consciousness. Sumeet note down the truck’s number, her face filled with concern.

Precap: Sumeet and Shlok having goodtime together. Shlok runs away. Sumeet start looking for him and calls his name. Shagun walks to her and says Shlok has crossed the borders and he is in Pakistan, everyone believes he is spy and army is looking for him, she shows her wanted poster of Shlok wanted dead or alive. Sumeet tear the poster and says no borders can stop me, I’ll go to Pakistan to bring Shlok back.