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Ragini says so pretty to Meet, Meet Ahlawat sees Meet’s hand and thinks I wrote this on Manushi’s hand, Ragini says now next ritual, this ritual is to say in long run we may hurt each other don’t take it to heart. Meet Ahlawat thinks Meet knew Manushi doesn’t want to marry me and both sisters were together in this. Ragini hands them bamboo stick and explains them to circle around and then hit eachother and forget all the differences.

Meet Ahlawat thinking about how he is cheated and breaks the stick and says enough, no more rituals here and leaves. Meet thinks what is wrong with him. Masoom scolds Meet and says what did you say that he reacted this way, Meet says I didn’t do anything, Raj scolds Masoom for misbehaving, and asks Hoshiyar to get Meet Ahlawat back. Babita says there will be no celebration here and no reception and stop looking at me, remove all these things there will be no rituals. Raj asks Ram to inform everyone that reception is cancelled due to personal emergency.

Babita says to Meet since you are in this house, no good is happening, and leaves. Raj walks to Meet says, things have changed drastically so this reaction, you don’t worry all will be fine.

Meet Ahlawat in his car thinking about the situation. Meet goes to her room. Sunaina walks to Meet says change you will feel comfortable, and today you let him go don’t allow it next time, listen to what he says, change yourself, keep quiet, cry do whatever you can don’t let him go because sometimes the wait becomes so long, it never ends. Meet walks to Sunaina, says I don’t know what is my mistake, I will apologise if I am wrong but why, Sunaina says at times you have to, to save something or else all that you have is lonliness, and leaves.

Meet thinks about Masoom’s reaction, and sends Meet Ahlawat voice note says you don’t tell me what problem is and you are behaving like it’s all my mistake, today you have to tell me what issue you have.
Meet Ahlawat reaches cafe and gets message from Meet.
Kunal and Manushi in cafe. Kunal sees Meet Ahlawat in cafe and hides his face with Menu, Manushi asks whats wrong, Kunal says just reading Menu, Manushi sees Meet Ahlawat and hides her face too. Meet Ahlawat passes them. Kunal thinks this is right time to get my packet and says Manushi you order I will go washroom and come.

Manushi says its better I switch place or Meet Ahlawat eill dee me. Kunal trying to get in car, he gets call on why has he not delivered the stuff, Kunal says I am in my way. Manushi dashes Meet Ahlawat by mistake. Meet Ahlawat hands her purse and apologise and walks towards his car. Kunal sees Meet Ahlawat coming and hides. Meet Ahlawat leaves, Kunal says God couldn’t he wait, now I have to go to his house and have to handle Manushi too.

Manushi says this Meet Ahlawat is here alone, it should be reception today, Mummy must surely have given offer to him to marry Meet but he must have surely rejected her.
Meet gets changed and thinks of calling Anubha and then realises she will have to tell about situation here then so better not to.
Babita walks in and says so you are in your real attire. Meet says I just have these clothes. Babita says good you changed and how is this bag, how does this chain look on genuine leather bag, Meet says weird, Babita says exactly like you and Meet Ahlawat’s relationship, my son is London Graduate, he is handsome and smart, and you illiterate, ugly and don’t eveb know difference between what a girl and boy wears and because of you my son ks suffocated and how brilliant how do you know about Kundali thing and fool us, you show us Manushi and then marry a fool like you and finally your Mom and Dadi won this plan, Meet says please don’t say bad about my mother and Dadi, they had nothing to do with this, the situation turned to be this way, Babita says look I have no interest in your story, and this bag has so much cash, that your family will never have to worry, so take it and get lost.

Meet Ahlawat arrives home, Raj asks where were you, we were so worried. Masoom says Meet where were you, we were worried like Tej even you would leave us. Raj says enough Masoom. Police walks in, and asks whoes silver santro is out, Meet Ahlawat says mine, Inspector asks for keys to inspect. Raj and Meet Ahlawat confused. Ram goes to check what is wrong.
Meet says to Babita, where will she go, Babita says go to Shahbad, Meet says my mother won’t handle this pain, Babita says I don’t care, you are a bad shadow on us and I want it away from my son and my family and leaves.

Constable hands packet to Inspector he checks it and finds drugs, Kunal hiding and sees his packet is found. Babita asks why police is here. Inspector arrests Meet Ahlawat in drug case.

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