Meet 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok manages to free himself.


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Shagun angrily scolds Poonam for slapping her son and commands her men to take Shlok’s life. Poonam desperately pleads for her son’s safety. Shagun then orders Poonam to clean Raunak’s shoes. Everyone around protest, telling Poonam that she shouldn’t do this. However, Poonam, realizing her son’s life is at stake, is willing to do anything. She’s about to clean Raunak’s shoes with her saree, but Shagun takes it a step further and demands she cleans them with her tongue.

Sumeet steps in, reminding Shlok that his father sacrificed his life trying to save their family. Now, Shlok is the only one who can save them. Shlok, filled with anger, breaks the chains tying his hands and shatters the glass box. The family pushes the goons aside, and Shlok attacks Raunak. Sumeet intervenes, urging them to focus on the task they need to complete.

Shlok announces that today, his voice will be heard, and he’ll dance without any hindrance. He performs a dance with Sumeet. They complete the sixth task, and Sumeet demands to know Akki’s whereabouts. Shlok and Raj immobilize Raunak in the sand, causing him to suffocate. Shagun pleads for them to release him and promises to reveal Akki’s location. Sumeet, skeptical of Shagun, insists on accompanying her to find Akki. Akki’s father also wants to go, unable to rest until he sees his son.

Meanwhile, Priyanka and Dadi are decorating the house for Akki’s return. Priyanka falls from a ladder but lands safely in Raj’s arms, making Pankhuri jealous. Raj buys ice cream for Akki, which irks Pankhuri further. Priyanka clarifies that while she might not know if she likes Raj, she believes he’s a genuinely good person. Poonam expresses gratitude to Sumeet for her bravery and confidence, believing that Shlok’s dream of becoming a singer will now come true.

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Sumeet and Poonam prepare laddus, and Shlok playfully creates water bubbles to get their attention. Shlok expresses how Sumeet has brought beauty into his life and sings a song for her while Sumeet dances along.

The family eagerly anticipates Akki’s return. However, Akki seems reluctant to enter the house. Shagun and Raunak watch from a distance, plotting revenge. Shagun reveals that she’s attached a bomb to Akki’s watch, warning him not to divulge this information to anyone, or his entire family will perish. Akki decides to submerge the watch in water to prevent the bomb from detonating. Sumeet is left wondering what’s in Akki’s hand and why he appears so troubled.

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