Meet 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok and Sumeet’s Struggle to Earn Money


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Shlok’s family is waiting on the road. Shlok calls their lawyer to ask about the situation. Pankhuri arrives and wonders why everyone is outside. Anju explains that Shagun has taken over their shop and home. Pankhuri blames Sumeet for the trouble and suggests they go to her house instead. But Poonam remembers Masoom’s taunts and refuses help from Raj. She asks Sumeet to support them and not to rely on Raj for everything. Dad starts coughing, and Sumeet asks Shlok to get water.

Sumeet blames herself, thinking that they’re suffering because Shagun is seeking revenge on her. Shagun calls her goons and tells them to come over. The women are waiting alone when a group of drunk goons shows up. They start using vulgar language and eve teasing. Sumeet firmly warns them to leave. She recalls Meet’s advice to face problems head-on. Sumeet kicks one of the goons and tells him to remember that women who give birth can also fight back. More goons arrive.

Pankhuri and Poonam scold Sumeet for arguing with the goons. Poonam apologizes and asks them to go. But one of the guys demands Sumeet in exchange. Poonam stands up for Sumeet and warns them not to touch her. Sumeet tells Poonam to take the other ladies away. She picks up flour from the ground and makes the goons slip in cement. Then she grabs a stick and beats them. The goons apologize and promise not to harass anyone in the future. Dadi praises Sumeet’s bravery, and Shlok also applauds her.

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Rajiv tells Shlok that they’re struggling to find accommodations. He asks Poonam if they can stay at Raj’s house just for one night. Poonam explains that all this trouble is happening because they accepted Sumeet, and that’s why Shagun is seeking revenge. Shlok suggests he’ll arrange money, and they can stay in a hotel, but he asks Poonam not to blame Sumeet. Sumeet decides to take on responsibilities and looks for ways to earn money for food. She goes to a party and meets caterers who offer her a job cleaning dishes to earn some money. She feels uneasy but starts cleaning to earn.

Meanwhile, Shlok is also seeking work at the same wedding event. He overhears organizers saying they need a singer urgently. However, he remembers his contract to sell the copyright of his voice to wonderboy. Sumeet sees siblings eating together and recalls her memories with Raj. She struggles to clean the dishes. Shlok is conflicted about needing money and his contract with Raunak. Finally, he goes on stage in a hoodie to start performing.

Precap: Sumeet is at a restaurant when she hears wonderboy’s voice singing. She thinks it sounds like Raunak, but he’s in jail, so who could be singing? Shlok realizes that Sumeet is standing behind him.