Meet 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Pankhuri manipulates everyone and tries to hurt herself.


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Shlok accuses Sumeet of breaking his trust by supporting Raj, despite knowing what he did to Pankhuri. Sumeet claims she doesn’t know about Raj and Pankhuri’s situation. Pankhuri contradicts Sumeet, saying she herself placed the letter in Shlok’s pocket. Priyanka supports Sumeet, stating that except for her and Raj, no one knew about the incident. She also reveals how Pankhuri has consistently pursued Raj and sent him messages as an unknown lover. Pankhuri argues with Priyanka and attempts to manipulate her emotionally.

Poonam questions Priyanka about marrying Raj despite knowing he wronged Pankhuri. Sumeet defends Priyanka’s trust in Raj and questions Pankhuri’s willingness to go abroad with him. Pankhuri dramatizes the situation, claiming she was sacrificing to save Sumeet and Shlok’s marriage. She picks up a knife, pretending to harm herself. Shlok suggests that if Sumeet wants answers, she should question her brother, and he will ensure Raj faces consequences. Sumeet falls down in pain, but Shlok leaves without acknowledging her.

Sumeet resolves to expose the truth to Shlok. Raj anticipates having Priyanka soon, but he is shocked to see Shlok approaching. Shlok is about to attack Raj when Sumeet intervenes. She pleads with Raj to reveal what happened, promising to stand by his side. Shlok accuses Sumeet of disloyalty, snatching the mangalsutra from Raj and breaking it. He declares that Raj should forget about marrying Priyanka, as Sumeet has forgotten she is married to Shlok.

Shlok tells Sumeet that their relationship is broken, and he no longer trusts her or Raj. Sumeet implores Raj to share what happened that day. Pankhuri anticipates marrying Raj soon. Priyanka announces her departure from the house, determined to be with Raj, who she believes would never disrespect any woman. Pankhuri intervenes, labeling Raj as her rapist. Priyanka decides to go against her family but is forcefully taken back by Poonam. Sumeet realizes Shlok has stopped singing to avoid remembering her.

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Sumeet reminisces about happy moments with Shlok. She smiles, but her happiness fades when Shlok returns home and rejects the food she serves. Raj and Priyanka sit heartbroken in their respective rooms. Shlok takes his guitar, recalling moments with Sumeet, and angrily breaks the strings, hurting his fingers. Sumeet looks at him helplessly, determined not to let their relationship break easily and to prevent Pankhuri from ruining more lives. Sumeet meets Sarthak, questioning why he got falsely accused. Locals badmouth Raj for misbehaving with Pankhuri. Pankhuri recalls spreading the news. Poonam and Shlok encourage the people to hit Raj if they want but leave Pankhuri alone. Sumeet is shocked to learn that Sarthak was falsely accused by Pankhuri.

Shlok give divorce paper to Raj and says if you did not get married to my sister then I have to give the divorce to your sister. Raj in shock.

Sumeet walks in and says this marriage cannot be done and asks SarthakJiju to tell everyone what Pankhuri did with her . Sarthak says to Sumeet you brought me here to tell everyone what you told me to say but I cannot accuse Pankhuri. Shlok give divorce paper to Sumeet and says if you go against my family then today will be the last day of our relationship.