May I Come In Madam 2 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sajan’s Confusion

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May I Come In Madam 2 7th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhupesh polishes Sajan’s shoes and asks Ramvati that when he also works, why shall he polish Sajan’s shoes. Ramvati asks when did he contribute to the house last time. Bhupesh starts thinking. Ramvati says 3 months ago, he had brought a matchstick, so he should silently polish Sajan’s shoes. Kashmira brings onion juice soaked socks and asks Bhupesh to keep them in Sajan’s shoes. Bhupesh asks why is he doing this. Kashmira says she wants to keep girls away from girls like a true wife. Sajan walks in and jokes on Bhupesh. He wears socks and leaves for office.

Sajan waits for Sanjana near lift as usual. Sanjana walks in style as usual and gets into lift. She is unable to bear onion smell and asks Sajan to tell liftman to wash his socks often. Sajan says he has a nose block and can’t smell anything. They come out of lift. Sanjana realizes Sajan’s socks are smelling. Sajan asks what happened. She says his pant looks good. Sajan feels good.

Kashmira while giving washing clothes to Gulabiya asks her to give her some breaking news. Gulabiya informs that her neighbor Sunita is getting divorce from her husband as she used to be with household work whole day and couldn’t pay attention to her husband. She says she is taking off tomorrow and will romance her husband to keep him under control. Kashmira thinks of romancing Sanju tonight and spending time with him tomorrow.

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Kashmira informs her friend that Sajan’s socks were stinking onion. Friend insists her to confront Sajan on his mouth directly. Sajan hears their conversation. Sajan says she she will get shameless and inform it to Sajan. Sajan thinks Sanjana also loves him and wants to propose him. He visits Khiloni’s shop and says madam also loves him. Khiloni says he is stinking onion badly. Sajan refuses to believe him. Khiloni tries his best, but fails.

Sajan returns home. Kashmira plans a liquor session with him and gets romantic. Sajan rejects her advances. She says she wants him to take leave tomorrow so that they can romance whole day. Sajan says he has important meeting and rejects her request. Daadi emerges in Kashmira’s body and punishes Sajan. Comedic events continue..

Precap: Sajan gets out the house
via window. Sanajan tells Sajan that she wants to tell him something but is feeling shy. Sajan says feeling shy is obvious for a girl.
Kashmira slaps Sajan for getting out of the house without her permission.