May I Come In Madam 2 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjana Orders Sajan To Steal Chedi’s Purse

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Pyari teases Bhupesh. Bhupesh complains against her to Sajan. Sajan refuses to believe him. Sanjana walks to Sajan and asks him to get 5 lakhs from company account. Chedi asks her for what? She says for shopping. Chedi refuses to approve the amount. Sanjana argues with him, but he gets adamant. She says she hates him and walks away. Chedi says same pinch.

Sajan walks to Sanjana’s cabin. Sanjana fumes on Chedi. Sajan says Chedi is her father. Sanjana says she didn’t say that he is her uncle. Sajan asks why she needs 5 lakhs. Sanjana says she borrowed money from a pathan for gambling and lost it, so she needs money to repay her loan. Sajan says he will speak to pathan. Sanjana says pathan will kill him. Sajan asks what shall he do then. Sanjana asks him to steal Chedi’s purse and get Bank of Shikharpur’s gold card from it. Sajan refuses. She emotionally blackmails him.

Kashmira walks to Ramvati. Ramvati jumps in fear and says she thought it’s Sajan. Kashmira says why would Sajan attack her. Ramvati says because he is a male. Gulabiya enters and says they can’t trust a male, she fixed a button camera on her husband’s shirt and caught him red handed when he was flirting with a girl and then brutally trashed him. Kashmira requests her to give her camera. Gulabiya says she needs money for that. Ramvati says Kashmira will give money. Gulabiya brings camera fixed to a shirt and asks Kashmira to give her 3500 rs.

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Sajan tries to steal Chedi’s purse. Liftman notices that and beats Sajan. Chedi questions liftman. Liftman says Sajan was stealing his boss’ purse. Chedi tongue lashes Sajan. Sajan says his purse was falling out, so he kept it back in. Chedi refuses to believe him. Sanjana comes to Sajan’s rescue. After some time, Chedi tests Bhupesh’s loyalty and tells Sanjana that he looks loyal, but Sajan is disloyal. Sanjana says let’s test him more.

Kashmira forces Sajan to wear flashy camera fixed shirt. Sajan reaches office. Sanjana enters office and says it’s too flashy. Sajan apolgizes. Sanjana gives him a gun and asks him to kill Chedi.

Precap: Sanjana asks Sajan to murder Chedi and become a chairman in his place. Sajan shoots Chedi.