May I Come In Madam 2 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashmira And Bhupesh Plan Ramvati’s Surprise Birthday Party

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May I Come In Madam 2 23rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashmira describes Gulabiya about her weird dreams and Sajan getting angry on her. Gulabiya says it’s husband’s duty to scold and they have to bear it. Kashmira asks how does she handle it. Gulabiya says she silently listens to her husband’s taunts and once he ends, she throws away cotton from her ears. Kashmira laughs. Gulabiya says she likes Kashmira’s laugh and her silky shiny hair, her hair are fizzy and unshiny. Kashmira says even she can get such a silky shiny hair and gives her formula.

Sajan visits Khiloni. Khiloni asks who is he. Sajan asks if he is in his senses. Khiloni confronts him for backstabbing him in front of Sanjana and gifts him a knife to stab him in real. Sajan warns to stab him if he doesn’t end his drama and says he had hidden in his plan of having honey from honeyweb and behing shot on his hand, etc., and blaming him now. They both recall their childhood memories and reconcile. Sajan then asks Khiloni how to avoid someone from kissing him. Khiloni asks whom. Sajan says he will tell later. Khiloni gives him an idea.

Sajan reaches office wearing a dog mask. Sanjana walks in and asks what happened to him. Sajan says he got a lip infection. Sanjana questions his intelligence. Commissioner walks to them. Sanjana asks what happened to her case. He asks which one. She reminds that after having chole and rabdi jalebi, she had informed him that a woman is calling Chedi and he is falling for her. Commissioner says he personally is investigating the case and will catch that woman. Sajan gets tensed and says he is a commissioner and should let junior officers like Batuta handle such cases. Commissioner says Batuta’s batwa/purse is missing since 3 days and he can’t find it, he tongue lashes Sajan for trying to teach him.

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Bhupesh informs Kashmira about Ramvati’s birthday tomorrow. They both plan a surprise birthday party for Ramvati. Ramvati tries to question them, but they mislead her and walk away. Chedi calls Ramvati. Ramvati refuses to talk to him and says he has already found someone else, so he should stop calling her. Chedi gets confused and waits for Sajan to ask what happened to Ramvati. He reaches bathroom behind Sajan and questions him. Comedic events continue…

Precap: Mask man plans ot kill Chedi. Sajan tells Kashmira that nobody celebrates birthday at this age. Bhupesh wearing a mask man’s dress says it’s birthday costume and asks everyone to wear same. Chedi opens gift box, gets hit by something, and falls down unconscious.