May I Come In Madam 2 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ramvati And Chedi’s Engagement

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May I Come In Madam 2 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Chedi feels happy after Kashmira accepts his and Ramvati’s relationship. Sanjana fill champagne glasses to celebrate. Masked man silently enters via window, puts some liquid in glasses, and escapes. Sanjana serves liquor to Chedi. Glasses blast. Sanjana asks Chedi where did he get these glasses from. He says a market behind their house. Sanjana says it’s obvious then.

Next morning, while having breakfast, Sajan taunts Ramvati to stop staring mirror so much or else it will break. Ramvati says he doesn’t know what it means as he is not beautiful. Bhupesh says his mummy is beautiful like him. Sajan mocks them. Sanjana serves mooli/raddish paranthas to Sajan. Sajan says he is full and can’t have it. Bhupesh asks her not to feed him more mooli parathas as he emits gases which can fill 2 cylinders. Sajan throws water on him. Kashmira says she saw a dream that Sanjana slaps Sajan and hopes it comes true after seeing Sajan bullying Bhupesh.

Sajan reaches office and waits for Sanjana near lift. Sanjana walks in and greets him happily. They get into lift. Sanjana starts crying and says she is tired of acting. Sajan asks her to relax. Sanjana says she didn’t kill a bird to relax. Sajan farts. Sanjana scolds liftman for having mooli parathas and spoiling environment. Liftman denies. Sanjana walks out unable to bear the stink. Liftman scolds Sajan.

Ramvati and Chedi’s engagement ceremony starts. Bhupesh and Kashmira dance. Sajan imagines dancing with Sanjana. Kashmira takes him aside and asks him to call Chedi in a girl’s voice again and expose his character. Sajan does same after much hesitation, but Chedi doesn’t fall into his trap. Balu silently slips off from the party. Sanjana gets a message from the masked man to come to the accident spot if she wants to know truth. Sanjana reaches there with Sajan. Kidnapper attacks Sajan. They push him and get into car. Drama continues…

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Precap: Kashmira worries for Sajan. Chedi says Sajan took away Sanjana. Babli says even Balu is missing. Masked man points gun at Sajan and Sanjana.