May I Come In Madam 2 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sajan And Sanjana In Trouble

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May I Come In Madam 2 14th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sajan hits her car to a man and he falls down dead. Sajan says it must be just some stuff. Sanjana says there was something for sure. They get out of car and are shocked to see a man lying unconscious on road. Sajan checks him and finds him dead. Kashmira sees a nightmare about Sajan. Sajan panics seeing dead body. Sanjana says they shall inform police. Sajan says police will arrest them both. Sanjana says her license expired 1 month ago. Sajan says police will arrest him then. They panic more seeing a bike coming towards them and stopping in front of them. Biker removes his helmet and reveals he is Khiloni. They both relax seeing him. Khiloni asks Sajan to enjoy with madam and tries to leave. They both stop him and describes how they killed a man. Khioni asks them to go and let him bury the dead body. They thank him and drive away.

Sajan returns home. Kashmira questions him where was he. He stammers in fear. She asks if he had been to jungle. He asks how does he know. She says she has sixth sense and asks why he has blood stains on his shirt. Sajan says he had got down to pee in the jungle, slipped and fell on bushes injuring himself. Babli’s nephew looks at them again wearing alien mask. Babli takes him away. Kashmira gets convinced and let him go.

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Next day, Sajan waits for Sanjana near lift and hopes she is fine. Sanjana walks to him in style laughing and says he looks farm fresh. Sajan asks if she is fine. She says she is absolutely fine. Once they enter her cabin, she breaks down and asks how can she be fine after murdering a man. Sajan says it was an accident. Commissioner Vinod walks in with Chedi and says Sanjana is under arrest. Sanjana gets tensed. Sajan requests him not to arrest Sanjana as he did a mistake and not Sanjana. Vinod says he is happy that Sanjana has loyal employees and asks her to increase Sajan’s salary. chedi says they will give 4 free teas to Sajan. Vinod says it was his birthday yesterday, but Sanjana didn’t wish him. Sanjana wishes him belated happy birthday.

Ramvati eagerly waits for Chedi. Chedi comes to meet her disguised as a milkman. Kashmira gets suspicious on him. Sajan cheers up Sanjana by showing her photo slides on screen. She feels happy. A message emerges that he know what they did last night.

Precap: A masked man threatens Sajan to save Kashmira if he can. Sajan requests Sanjana to save Kashmira somehow. Kashmira is about to switch on gas stove when Sajan reaches and shouts her name. Bhupesh and Ramvati look at him.