May I Come In Madam 2 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: A Creepy Alien Visits Sajan’s Family

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May I Come In Madam 2 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sanjana informs Sajan that she is coming to his home with her papa to seek his MIL’s alliance for her papa. Sajan gets tensed and asks why did she take this sudden decision. Sanjana says she will come there and speak and disconnects call. Sajan stops drinking with Khiloni and runs towards home. At home, Kashmira tries to reconcile with Ramvati.

Sanjana with Chedi reaches Sajan’s house. Chedi asks if he looking like a prince charming. Sanjana says he looks like king charming. Sajan rushes to her and says his family accepted Chedi and Ramvati’s alliance, but Panditji postponed engagement muhurath. Sanjana calls Kashmira. Kashmira hears that and says she will go and slap Kashmira. Ramvati stops her and says she is just imagining as she is thinking only about Sanjana and Chedi. Kashmira says she will go and check. Ramvati forcefully stops her. Sanjan tells Chedi that he lied that his family accepted Chedi and Ramvati’s alliance, he didn’t inform them at all. Chedi takes Sanjana from there.

Next morning, Ramvati asks Sajan if Chedi and Sanjana had come last night. Sajan says they had and he sent them away. Kashmira offers him tiffin. Sajan asks what’s up baby. Kashmira says she got a nightmare of alien last night and is tensed since then. They all 3 laugh. Bhupesh sees an alien and shouts in fear followed by Ramvati and Sajan. Babli pulls alien’s mask and informs that its her nephew who came to stay with her for a few days and is very mischievous.

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Sajan visits office and finds Sanjana tensed. Sanjana says she is upset after knowing about her papa and his MIL’s affair and wants some entertainment. Sajan says he can pole dance for her. Sanjana asks him to stop being creepy and says she wants him to have drinks with her. Sajan excitedly agrees. He calls Kashmira and tells her that he can’t come home tonight as Khiloni’s grandfather is serious and he needs to be with Khiloni for moral support. Kashmira says he told Khiloni’s grandfather died last month. Sajan says Khiloni’s grandmother was of colorful nature and had 2 husbands, one who died was Khiloni’s step grandfather and one who is serious now is his real grandfather. Kashmira permits him.

Sajan then calls Khiloni and happily informs him about his plan. He then visits a bar with Sanjana and they both enjoy drinks with their usual comedy. Sanjana then drives car to drop Sajan home and hits someone. Drama continues….

Precap: Kashmira asks what was he doing in jungle. Sajan asks how does she know. She says she can see blood on his shirt. Sajan gets worried for Sanjana. Sanjana says they should inform police. Sajan says she shouldn’t. Commissioner comes to arrest Sajan.