Mangal Lakshmi 8th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Papa gets discharged

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Scene 1
Mangal takes out the fuel from the car. She turns on the generator. People clap and thank Mangal for saving so many lives. Kusum hugs Mangal and cries. She says we can’t go right now. They have started his surgery. She says ADit should have been here today. He left us here. He didn’t even call back. Karthik comes there. He asks how is ucnle? Kusum hugs him and cries.

Adit and Somiya enjoyed the dinner. He says no one lets me do anything in the house. Somiya says Mangal must be asleep. he says everyone appreciates her for no reason. Kusum says to Karthik Mangal saved your uncle’s life and everyone’s here. Karthik says why didn’t you call me? Mangal says I knew you were not in the city. I called Lakshmi. She took care of the kids. Karthik says come let’s eat something. Kusum says you left everything and came for us. And Adit.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Papa. He says you should thank your DIL she saved your and everyone’s life here. You’re doing much better now. Karthik says let me get the medicines. Kusum says Mangal saved your life in so much rain. she arranged everything. Papa says May God always bless you, Mangal. The nurse gives him food. Papa asks where is it? Mangal says you need to take medicine.

Somiya gets the breakfast ready. Adit says I fell asleep. She says the coffee is ready. You looked so cute while sleeping. Adit says the coffee is good. He says I am so happy we spent so much time together. I’ve to go back to that annoying Mangal. She says stay here. We will get to see a movie. He says I will be kicked out of the house. She says please. Adit says okay let me get the cash from the home and I will come back.

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Lakshmi video calls Mangal. She says come home and rest. I will come there. Mangal says no you go home. You stayed with the kids and helped me a lot. Lakshmi says you did so much. She asks did you speak to Adit? Mangal says he is stuck in traffic. Mangal calls Adit. His phone is off. Mangal calls Somiya. She says do you know where Adit is? His phone is off. Somiya says I am homeee. I don’t know. Mangal tells her that papa has a heart attack. We came to the hospital. She says Adit couldn’t be contacted please tell him if you speak to him. Somiya says don’t worry I will try to find out. Adit asks who was it. She says, my cousin. Somiya says please come back fast. He says I will be back soon.

Adit comes home. He goes in. No one is there. He shouts Mangal where are you? He charges his phone. Somiya calls Adit and says you are home? why are you not coming back? He says no one is home. It never happens. Papa is always home. She says they must have gone to the temple. Papa gets discharged. People at the hospital thank Mangal. Kusum says Adit has to pay for every minute he was absent.

Episode ends

Precap: Kusum asks Mangal did she speak to Adit. Mangal says she couldn’t reach him. Adit’s oconfirmednfirms he was on leave.
Adit reaches behind me, and Kusum asks Adit whom de the sspentnight with.

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