Mangal Lakshmi 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit gets arrested

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Scene 1
Kusum says call that friend. I wanna talk to him. Adit is scared. he calls a friend. Adit says Sanju how are you? It’s Somiya. She speaks in a guy’s voice. He says thank you for coming there, brother. You stayed with me all night. I was so scared. Kusum says this life is a blessing. Don’t get so upset and never give up. Somiiya says I will never be weak again. Adit texted Somiya, He asked Kusum do you have any more doubts? Kusum says why didn’t you tell us before? He says I didn’t know you were spying on me. He says Mangal you make my mom think I am careless. You want to bring me down in everyone’s eyes.

Papa says stop it Adit. You were absent so you will be questioned not Mangal. Kusum asks why didn’t ask why was Mangal calling so many times. you blocked our call before going to Sanjay’s place? your dad had a heart attack. He had to get a surgery. Papa says Mangqal saved my life. She handled everything. Kusum says Mangqal played your part yesterday. She took care of everything and brought your dad back home. She won a battle. Adit cries and hugs papa. He says I am so sorry. Adit says thank you, Mangal. You saved Papa’s life.

Scene 2
Bhushan and Shanti get ready to go there. Shanti says we don’t have money. That Lakshmi didn’t even let us get a new house. Bhushan says I will go there and see Adit’s dad.

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Adit says I am sorry papa. I wasn’t there for you. Amma was right. I am very careless. I should have called back. I didn’t even think what you were going through. Kusum says you realize your mistake that’s enough. Mangal in hospital I paid. He says don’t keep reiterating that I am a useless son and you’re so great. Let me go I am running late. He leaves.

Scene 3
Adit gets mad at Somiya. He says you didn’t let me pick up my phone. Papa was in the hospital all night. She says how would I know? He said don’t take my phone again. The inspector comes there. He says are you, Adit Saxena? Adit says yes. He says you are under arrest.

Karthik and Lakshmi come to see Papa. Mangal serves them food. Adit says me? What did I do? I am not a criminal. The inspector asks did you meet Pappu? you stole his one lac. Adit says what?. I paid hi full amount. I am not a fraud. That man was very shady. Tejpal says you have a misunderstanding for sure. He says that guy is a goon. The inspector says you stole regardless. They arrest him. mangal gets a call. She gets shocked. Mangal cries. She tells everyone.

Episode ends

Update Credit o: Atiba