Maitree 9th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree Gets Exposed


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Kusum encountered the snake charmer outside her home in the middle of the night. Kusum is informed by the snake charmer that a Shesh Naagin is present in her house. Hearing this shocks Kusum. She queries whether he knows how to apprehend Shesh Naagin. The snake charmer claims he lacks the ability to apprehend Shesh Naagin and walks away. To convince the rest of her family to trust her, Kusum plots to kidnap Shesh Naagin. Tomorrow, according to Jhumki and the Occultist, Maitree will be revealed.

Maitree experiences agony the next day. She is aware that it is Pournami today and that she must leave her snake skin. She pulls off her skin. Name of Maitree is yelled harshly. After washing her hands, Maitree exits the restroom. She inquiries of Harsh what transpired. Harsh asks Maitree if Jhumki is actually dead after showing her the snake hide covering the bed. Maitree makes the decision to be honest with Harsh. Nandini steps in and controls the circumstance with her fabrication. Kusum hears them talking to each other. She makes the decision to research Shesh naagin.

Jhumki informs the occultist that Maitree would arrive in her Shesh naagin roop today, and that in order to force Maitree to leave her Swarnamani, we must have her family attest to it. When Kusum encounters the snake charmer, she orders him to apprehend Shesh naagin. He explains to her the steps they must take in order to learn about Shesh Naagin pournami. Later, Jhumki and the occultist set up security around the home to prevent Maitree from leaving her snake skin outside. Kusum informs them that she has scheduled a havan at home and requests that they stay at home as Maitree is about to take everyone to the cinema. The snake charmer shows up to perform the havan while wearing a Brahmin disguise. He detects a hint of Shesh Naagin

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Occultisrt is informed by Jhumki that Maitree cannot escape their trap. Maitree makes coughing noises and goes to get a drink of water. Kusum is signaled by the snake charmer to accompany Maitree. Kusum concurs. Nandini looks at them.

Despite her efforts, Maitree is unable to leave the house. In Moonlight, Maitree assumes her Shesh naagin form. Jhumki is asked by the occultist if she is prepared to make the sacrifice. Jhumki declares that she is prepared to confront Harsh about Maitree. Jhumki grinned in pain while offering her blood as the sacrifice. Jhumki is assured by the occultist that she will obtain Swarnamani. Kusum is astonished when she sees Shesh Naagin’s behind. Havan the occultist is stopped. Jhumki is informed that Maitree defeated them.

Kusum is there when Maitree turns around. She is urged not to be afraid by Maitree. Kusum panics and rushes inside. She attempts to warn everyone but is unsuccessful.

Jhumki is told not to be alarmed by the occultist since the Night Goddess has sent one of her soldiers to assist them. Where is the occultist, Jhumki inquires? The occultist informs Jhumki that the soldier’s specialization lies in his invisibility and his ability to assume any form and possess anyone in order to further his objectives. Jhumki believes they will be successful this time. The Night goddess soldier is instructed to go and kill Maitree and her family by the occultist. The soldier is instructed by the occultist to take the Swarnamani and bring it to them. There is one more item, in Jhumki’s opinion, that is left.
Kusum is prompted by Harsh to take a deep breath and speak her mind. Harsh was unaware of Kusum’s fear when she saw Maitree, which caused her to start hyperventilating and drop to the ground.

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