Maitree 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree Fights The Bat


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Nandini misled Harsh when she said Maitree wasn’t present. Harsh ponders the reason behind his want to hear Maitree’s voice. He departs. Maitree begs Nandini to prevent her from becoming the appearance of a shake. Nandini looks for a solution. Snake Charmer halts his game of beans. Maitree returns to normalcy. She expresses to Nandini her sense of helplessness. When Maitree first sees Harsh, she queries whether he is still angry with her. Harsh hugs her and replies “no.”

Bat is sent on a mission by the occultist and Jhumki. So that they can drink tea, Harsh requests that Nandini call Maitree. Outside, kids are having fun. The atmosphere deteriorates. Harsh chooses to invite the children inside. The door is stuck when he tries to open it. Children become agitated and leave Vedika to return home. Vedika is taken by Evi Bat and thrown. Vedika is promptly seized by Maitree. Maitree is prompted by Evil Bat to offer her Swarnamani. Harsh and Swayam pound on the door. Harsh tells them not to worry and claims that the door is stuck. Maitree defeats the bat by changing into a snake form. Bat informs Maitree that Jhumki sent her. Maitree slays the Bat. Havan is halted. Jhumki is informed by the occultist that Maitree killed their Bat.

Maitree brings the youngsters inside with her. Why do the children appear terrified, the family members enquire of Maitree. According to Maitree, some bad ladies attempted to flee with children, and I arrived in time to save them.

Later, Maitree regrets keeping Harsh from knowing the truth. She chooses to be honest with Harsh, but she restrains herself from acknowledging his animosity toward Naagins. Kusum emerges from the residence. She has the impression Maitree is concealing something there. She notices Mark’s snake outside the home. She dashes inside to inform Nandini that Jhumki is back. How is she sure, Nandini queries. Maitree is lying, claims Kusum, who claims to have seen snake tracks outside the house. Nandini promises to speak with Maitree.

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Snake Catcher is where Kusum resides. The bean is played by the snake charmer. Kusum is informed that Naagin is at their home. Nandini queries Kusum as to why he called. It is required, claims Kusum. Snake Catcher carries on with the game of beans. Maitree notices personal changes. She locks herself inside a space. Rude returns home. He tells the snake charmer that Jhumki’s chapter is over and stops him.
Maitree is informed by Nandini that Jhumki is still pursuing Swarnamani. Maitree is counseled by Nandini to tell Harsh the truth.

In her dream, Maitree mutters that she won’t let anything happen to him. In her nightmares, Swarnamani tells Maitree that tomorrow is Puranmasi and that she must assume the form of a snake since it is her responsibility as Sesh Naagin. The dream causes Maitree to awaken. Harsh inquires as to Maitree’s dreaminess.

The occultist and Jhumki discuss Maitree’s transformation into a snake on Puranmasi. The occultist will be imprisoned in Maitree’s mansion, according to Jhumki, and everyone will learn the truth about Maitree. Then they may corner Maitree and grab the Swarnamani from her, Jhumki tells the occultists.

In the wee hours of the night, Kusum encounters the snake charmer outside her home. Kusum is informed by the snake charmer that a Sesh Naagin is staying at her house. Hearing this shocks Kusum.

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