Maitree 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashish Helps Maitree

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Maitree is delivering lunch to the room. She invites Harsh to dine. Harsh questions Maitree about why she deceived him. Maitree asks him not to put it that way, claiming that everything she stated was genuine and that she saw Kamna steal the necklace in the video. Harsh said he is sick of her falsehoods. Maitree expresses her want to tell him what Kamna told him. ‘I took vows to be with you for 7 years, so don’t force me to leave you in 7 days,’ Harsh replies to Maitree, adding I will listen to you if you prove your charges against my mother are true. Maitree attempts to converse with him. From there, Harsh departs.

Nandini makes Ashish drop his file. She asks Ashish how he can trust Maitree over her. Ashish says we both know that Maitree can’t lie so don’t create a scene. Nandini breaks things and tells Ashish that he got blinded by Maitree’s friendship. Maitree performs puja to Tulsi maa. She asks Tulsi Maa to help her to expose Kamna to gain Harsh’s trust. She opens her eyes and sees Ashish in front of her. Ashish asks Maitree to share what’s troubling her. Maitree reveals to Ashish what Kamna said when she confronted Kamna. Ashish asks how can Kamna use you to enter this house. He assures her that he will support her to expose Kamna in front of Harsh. Maitree says that the video is proof but Nandini deleted it. Ashish asks her to not lose hope and says they can get the proof soon. The video, according to Maitree, provides proof, but Nandini removed it. Ashish encourages her not to give up hope and assures her that the proof would be sent soon.

Maitree informs Harsh that she has converted the Storeroom into their room. She attempts to modify his mood, but he is enraged. Harsh claims that his button is broken. Maitree is the one who sews it. Harsh informs Maitree that they have a client meeting. Maitree claims she needs a break from work. Harsh agrees and walks away.

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Nandini informs Kamna that Maitree has gone missing. Kamna inquires whether she is going to look for evidence against her. Nandini believes it is possible because Maitree will not back down until she has exposed you. Kamna requests that Nandini keep a watch on Maitree’s actions. Sona notices Kamna and Nandini conversing. When she notices Nandini leaving, she pours water on Kamna from upstairs. They are at odds. Maitree has returned home. She notices Kamna but walks away without saying anything.

Sona requests Maitree’s assistance in changing the bulb. Maitree assists her. Sona notices Kamna and makes a remark about her. Kamna instructs Maitree to consume the food. Sona cautions Maitree not to get caught up in Kamna’s remarks. Maitree turns on the light and announces that she is waiting for Harsh and will eat with him. She walks away. Kamna believes she will not allow Maitree to eat with Harsh.

Kamna contacts Harsh and requests that they eat dinner outside. She claims that her food is salty compared to others, therefore she didn’t eat well, and that Maitree didn’t even come to ask if she wanted anything. She claims she does not have the authority to enter the kitchen, despite the fact that she may have prepared anything for him. Harsh promises to bring them food. Kamna declines and begs him to return home after dinner. Harsh concurs. Nandish arrives with sweets. They have fun with it. Nandini claims she added salt to dish after everyone had eaten so we could disprove her in front of Harsh. Kamna claims it’s fine, but she won’t allow Maitree live in peace.

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