Maitree 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree Divorces Harsh


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Yash inquires of Maitree as to why she collapsed after reading the newspaper. Sona, on the other hand, enters Harsh’s room and notices blood stains on the floor. In tears, she rushes to Harsh and asks him to tell her what occurred and what he’s keeping from her. Harsh claims he has already completed his duties. Harsh claims that his delusion has been shattered. Sona approaches him and asks what happened.

Yash forces Maitree to sit on the couch. Swayam hugs Maitree and inquires as to what transpired. Maitree claims to be alright. Swayam promises to fetch her water. He notices papers on the ground. Maitree grabs the papers and asks him to go get some water. Swayam inquires about the papers. Maitree lies about it being work-related. Yash backs her up and sends Swayam to get some water.

Diya is lit in front of the god by Sona. She swears to God that she saw pain in Harsh’s eyes that she had never seen before. She orders Shiv ji to heal Harsh. Yash goes over the divorce papers. He asks Maitree to make a decision after considering everything. Maitree claims, “I never imagined Harsh would divorce me, but he sent me a divorce notice without considering how much it would affect me.” Yash says they can look for a solution to the problem. Maitree says this is my relationship, and I understand how important it is, so I’m going to obtain answers to my questions. She requests that Yash look after Swayam until she returns home.

Maitree departs for Harsh’s residence. Swayam notices Maitree leaving and follows her. Yash notices Swayam is missing and goes in search of him. Maitree arrives in Triveni Sadan. Swayam is watching her without her knowledge. Maitree sounds the summoning bell. Sona pushes open the door. She is overjoyed to meet Maitree. She checks with family members to discover who arrived to their house. Maitree is led inside by her. Maitree recalls Harsh accusing her of the death of their kid.

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Juhi notices Swayam at her house. She inquires as to whether Swayam’s mother abandoned him. She adds it’s a good thing you’re coming to my house because tomorrow is also my birthday. Family members are overjoyed to meet Maitree. Maitree informs her family that she has come to seek answers from Harsh. Sona inquires as to what transpired. Maitree says this is my struggle, and I must fight it. She summons Harsh outdoors. Harsh appears outside and inquires as to why she has come here. Juhi informs Swayam that her father is planning a lavish celebration for her tomorrow and inquires as to what his father does.

Swayam claims that his mother is his father. Juhi makes a comment about it. Maitree states, “I wore your name mangalsutra in the hope that our relationship would improve one day,” but “I didn’t expect this behaviour from you.” Harsh is asked what he did by Sona. Mitree tells Harsh that he will bear her sorrow once he discovers the truth and that she is willing to give him what he wants, but she does not accept his rationale for divorce. Sona requests that she tell them what occurred. Harsh handed me a divorce notice, and I’m ready to divorce him, but he said he can’t stay with the killer of his baby, which she refuses to accept.

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