Maitree 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harsh Adopts Juhi


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Maitree notices Harsh getting into a fight with the client. Harsh shoves the individual who collides with Maitree. Maitree is ready to fall, but Yash saves her. Harsh approaches Maitree and Yash. Harsh inquires about Maitree’s health. Harsh remarks to Maitree that she appears to have progressed in her life. Let’s go, Maitree says to Yash. Harsh introduces himself as Maitree’s spouse to Yash.

Harsh inquires of Maitree whether Yash is merely a friend or something more. Maitree requests that Harsh not push himself too far. It receives harsh criticism. Yash tells Harsh not to push himself too far. He claims to be Maitree’s old college friend. He requests that Harsh learn to respect his wife. Speaking with Harsh, according to Maitree, is a waste of time. They depart.

Yash approaches Swayam and informs him that he has purchased a suitable gift for him, which will be delivered to him shortly. Maitree notices the police approaching. She invites Yash and Swayam to join her in the car. She rushes inside and witnesses Yash being arrested for his actions with the customer. Juhi sobs as she sees Harsh being arrested. Harsh requests that the police allow him to drop his daughter off at home, but they refuse. Maitree notices Juhi and comes to her aid. Harsh is apprehended by the police. Harsh notices Maitree assisting Juhi.

Juhi is consoled by Maitree. Juhi informs Maitree that Harsh adopted her and laments the loss of her father. Maitree considers how to get to Triveni Sadan to pick up Juhi. The driver arrives and informs Juhi that he has come to take her home. Maitree approaches Juhi and inquires whether she recognises him. Juhi claims to be their driver.

Juhi sobs uncontrollably at home. Sona attempts to console her. Nandini arrives and informs Juhi that Harsh has been granted bail and will be returning home. Harsh returns home. Juhi gives him a warm hug. Harsh apologises to Juhi for scaring her with his antics. Juhi claims that one aunty consoled her. Nandini inquires whether it is Maitree. Sona changes the subject.

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Yash informs Maitree that Harsh has been granted bail. Maitree inquires as to why he is telling her this. Yash claims you still care about Harsh and that Harsh accuses you. According to Maitree, Harsh adopted Juhi and moved on with his life. Yash inquires as to when she intends to go. Maitree changes the subject and walks away.

Harsh shatters his photos of Maitree. In rage, he tears up their marriage certificate. Sona shows up. She encourages Harsh not to lose his calm and to comprehend that he still loves Maitree, or else he will quit his relationship with her long ago. Harsh agrees with you. He contacts his lawyer and discusses his divorce.

Yash requests that Maitree inform Swayam that he has a father. Swayan appears and inquires as to why she concealed the fact that she had ordered a pizza from him. He goes to accept the package. Yash requests that Maitree speak with Harsh. According to Maitree, the third person cannot fix the problems between the wife and husband. Swayam hands Maitree the registered mail and heads off to get his pizza. Maitree unlocks the post. She is taken aback when she sees divorce papers with Harsh’s signature. She collapses unconscious. Yash splashes water on Maitree’s face, causing her to awaken. Maitree embraces the divorce papers and reflects on her time with Harsh. Harsh shatters the glass in his grip.

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