Maitree 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree Gives her Presentation


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Maitree answers a call. Swayan, who is ecstatic, announces that Buddy is calling. He answers the phone and inquires, “How are you, Buddy?” Maitree furrows her brow. How are you, Mr. Thakur? asks Swayam. Mr. Thakur queries whether his mother is nearby. Swayam confirms that the phone is on speaker when Mom is driving. Maitree is asked by Mr. Thakur not to frighten Swayam. Swayam queries when he’ll be coming back. Once his task is over, Mr. Thakur says he will catch the first flight back. If he has any requests, he inquires. Swayam doesn’t need anything, according to Maitree. Mr. Thakur wishes Maitree luck for the presentation and requests that she help their company close the deal. Maitree concurs.

Swayam and Maitree arrive at the Atlant Hotel. Meeting the receptionist, Maitree requests that she confirm her appointment. Maitree is informed by the receptionist that she only has 10 minutes for her presentation because they also need to hear from another presenter. Swayam is asked to sit down after Maitree accepts. There are also Juhi and Harsh. Harsh is asked to wait by the receptionist. Maitree begins to present.

To take the call, Harsh moves to the side. Swayam and Juhi begin pursuing one another. On the ladder, the painter loses his equilibrium and is going to fall upon Swayam and Juhi. Swayam and Juhi are saved by Maitree and Harsh, but they are not seen by one another. Everyone is waiting for Maitree in the meeting room, the receptionist informs her. Swayam invites Maitree to her meeting and assures her that he can manage himself. Maitree travels to the gathering. Swayam gives Harsh praise for rescuing him.

Harsh inquires as to his companions. Swayam claims to have traveled with his mother. He teaches Harsh his name. Touching Harsh’s feet, Swayam. Maitree pauses the talk after sensing something. Harsh applauds Swayam’s morals. Maitree is prompted to continue by the management. She concurs. The harsh man goes to wash his coat.

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Swayam and Juhi become buddies and trade phone numbers. Everyone praises Maitree’s presentation and promises to contact her soon. Nandish isolates Maitree’s shot from Harsh’s photo before discarding it. He declares his love for Maitree while stitching her pictures into the book. Nandini tries to reassure Nandish that Harsh is not to blame either and lets him know how much they all miss Maitree. Nandish embraces her.

The receptionist informs Harsh that it is his turn and directs him to the meeting room. Harsh’s name is mentioned to Maitree. Maitree and Harsh collide while strolling down the street. Harsh holds Maitree’s hand to keep her from falling. They reflect on their past experiences. Maitree withdraws her hand. They depart in various directions. After hearing Harsh’s presentation, one of the team members invites Harsh to participate in their event by accompanying his wife.

Juhi requests that Maitree send Swayam to her house so that they can play. Maitree says we’re going somewhere today, and I’ll drop Swayam off at your house another day. She requests that Juhi provide her with her address. Juhi is about to disclose her address when she is interrupted by loud noises. Harsh punches the person who assumed Maitree’s name in front of him, and they fight. The receptionist leads the children to the play area.

PreCap: Maitree is driving the car and Swayam is sitting beside her. He gets a call from buddy and tells him that Maitree is driving the car, and asks him, when is he coming to meet him? Buddy gives his wishes to Maitree for the presentation.