Maitree 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree Gets Tricked by Saransh


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Asking his troops to look for Bajrangi, Saransh. He orders his goons to prevent anyone from entering close to Harsh. He orders his guys to feed Harsh. Harsh is asked to wait for Maitree tonight, and she promises to come and save him tomorrow. Harsh declares that he is waiting for Maitree after noticing her earring. Harsh is asked to eat by Saransh’s assistant. Harsh won’t eat anything. He is urged to eat by Saransh’s guy or else he will perish. He departs. Harsh consumes meals for Maitree.

The following day, Saransh’s factory is visited by Maitree, Nandini, and Bajrangi. They sneak into the factory. Maitree is told where Harsh is and asked to save him by Bajrangi. He also promises to divert Saransh’s goons. Maitree concurs. Saransh’s goons is destroyed by Bajrangi. Nandini is taken aback by his strength.

Maitree enters the space where Harsh is imprisoned. He is freed from his bindings, and she calls him over so they can go. Saransh says he knows Maitree will arrive while holding her hand and revealing his face to her. Maitree is startled. Saransh claims that Lanka is his. The captives Nandini and Bajrangi are brought there by Saransh’s goons. Saransh is questioned by Maitree about Harsh’s location. Saransh grinning.

He claims that he is killing him because he intends to send Harsh back to where he came from. Maitree requests that Saransh depart from Harsh and offers him the option of killing her. Saransh enquires as to her ability. To allow Maitree to meet Harsh once, she asks him. Saransh beams as she bargains. For two minutes, Saransh permits her to speak with Harsh. With his troops, he sends Maitree to Harsh. Although Maitree attempts, the man resists change.

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Harsh is found motionless on the ground by Maitree. He is awoken by her. When he sees her, Harsh is pleased. If he passes away, Harsh begs her to keep him in her memories. He is reassured by Maitree that nothing will happen to him and that they can safely get home. Once more, harsh loses consciousness. Maitree requests that Saransh’s man carry her to Saransh without telling Harsh that I’m giving my life in exchange. He concurs.

Saransh makes fun of Maitree. Maitree criticises him and claims he has little regard for his family. Saransh says he does what he loves and acknowledges his faults. She is going to pass away in five minutes, so he asks her to hold onto her words. He seeks medications. From Saransh’s troops, Bajrangi and Nandini manage to flee. Harsh is brought to Maitree, where they free her. When they attempt to flee, Saransh shows up instead. He claims that the current will kill every single one of them.

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