Maitree 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini Gets Exposed


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Maitree thumps on the wooden box. Maitree considers God and seeks to escape from the wooden box. Swayam inquires of Harsh as to the whereabouts of Maitree. Harsh assures Swayam that Maitree will arrive soon. The doorbell rings, and Harsh answers it. Nandini says she’ll go check it out. Nandini recognises the figure as a doctor.

The doctor arrives and informs Maitree that Swayam’s regular check-up has been scheduled. Harsh requests that the doctor first examine Swayam. Harsh wonders where Maitree is.

Maitree tells God that she cannot die. Maitree claims she must survive for her unborn child and her son. Maitree vigorously shakes the wooden box. The wooden box is removed from the cabinet and opened. Maitree manages to escape from the wooden box. Maitree enters the hall.

Swayam embraces Maitree. Everything is well, according to Maitree. Saransh and Nandini talk about how Maitree got out of the box. Harsh inquires about Maitree’s whereabouts and expresses concern for her. Maitree questions Nandini about why she did it to her. She continues, “Until now, my eyes have been covered by our friendship bond, but I have finally seen your truth.” Maitree inquires as to why she attempted to murder her. Everyone is taken aback. Maitree requests that Nandini not conceal the fact that she is the perpetrator. Harsh begs Maitree to rest and says they can talk about it tomorrow.

Nandini considers how much everyone adores Maitree. She tries to attack Maitree but is stopped by Harsh. Nandini admits her misdeeds and says the entire home is under Maitree’s influence, and she is sick of it all. Maitree inquires about Mummy Ji. Nandini claims that I intended to kill you, but Sona was killed in an accident because she was aware of my plot.

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Nandini blames Maitree for her issues and claims that Harsh is a light of hope in her life that she has grabbed. Nandini is asked not to lie by Maitree, who reminds her that she gave Harsh to her. Nandini tells Maitree that Saransh opened her eyes and tells her to stop playing the victim card. Nandini requests that Maitree restore Harsh to her. Maitree observes. Nandini claims, “I know you won’t return Harsh to be, so I tried to kill you, but your good fortune saved you.”

Nandini attempts to stab Maitree with a knife. Om and Kusum make an attempt to stop Nandini. Nandish begs Nandini not to kill Maitree. Nandini puts down the knife and regrets telling the truth. Dinesh arrives and detains Saransh and Nandini. Maitree is embraced by the children. Maitree promises the children that their difficulties are over.

After a year, Maitree was blessed with a child, Swayam was cured, and everyone was delighted. Maitree’s family learns via the news that a tiger has emerged from the bush and is roaming the Prayagraj area. Everyone is asked to close their doors by the reporter. After hearing the news, Maitree requests that Harsh cancel his trip to Kanpur. Harsh informs Maitree of the importance of the meeting and departs for Kanpur with Om. Maitree has a horrible feeling. A tiger is seen approaching Tiwari Sadan.

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