Maitree 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s Plan Gets Failed


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Maitree is on the move. Nandini asks Sona who will stop her from killing Maitree, and Sona responds that she will not let her injure Maitree. She declares that she will show Maitree Nandini’s actual face and explain why she is dangerous, and she calls out for Maitree. Before Sona can tell Maitree anything, she falls off the balcony, gravely injuring herself. Nandini has already left by the time Maitree arrives. She summons Harsh and assures Sona that nothing will happen to her. Sona tries to point and talk about Nandini, but she is dying. All of the family members assemble there, and Nandini behaves as if she had no idea what transpired.

Harsh questions Nandini after 13 days about Sona’s unexpected death. Even Maitree urges Nandini to relate the story because she had heard Sona contacting her before the tragedy. Before Nandini can respond, the courier arrives. Harsh receives Maitree’s findings and enthusiastically hugs her because the results are positive and she is pregnant. Maitree is relieved that Swayam is finally secure. She claims that it was Sona’s blessings that brought them good news, and that Swayam’s life saver will arrive soon.

Nandini fakely congratulates Maitree and says she is happy for her and hopes new child brings happiness for family. Next day, Nandini comes to Maitree and asks why she is looking tired. Maitree says she is fine and Nandini says she will press her legs and starts doing so. Maitree thanks her for doing so much for her and calls her true best friend. She tells Maitree to rest for sometime and by then she will bring juice for her. Nandini tells Saransh that Sona saved Maitree Before but now she will kill Maitree. He asks Nandini about her next plan and she says she will kill Maitree in such a way that she she will just disappear.

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Harsh inquires about Maitree’s state of mind. She expresses a desire for something sour, sweet, and spicy. Nandini is spotted listening in on their talk. Saransh and Nandini intend to poison Maitree’s unborn child by forcing her to drink poisoned juice. Nandini claims that the baby is a link to strengthen Harsh and Maitree’s bond, something she cannot allow to happen. She believes that if Maitree consumes the juice, her baby would not be born. Maitree is feeling nauseated and uneasy. She is going to take some water when Nandini intervenes.

Nandini brings Maitree juice and emotionally blackmails her into drinking it when she says she doesn’t want anything. The ball hits the glass and falls down before Nandini can sip it. Nandish apologises for hurling the ball. Nandini expresses her rage, but Maitree calms her down. She appears to be concerned about Maitree and her unborn kid. Nandini overhears Maitree discussing Sona’s postmortem reports with her father. Saransh taunts Nandini for creating all flop schemes, but she tells him to wait until her next move.

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