Maitree 20th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini Gets Warned


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Jhumki made a complaint to Harsh about Maitree. Harsh confronts Maitree in rage. Jhumki grins. Family members arrive to assist Jhumki while she is hypnotised. Harsh requests that Maitree leave the residence. Maitree is on her way out the door, crying. Nandini comes to a halt in front of Maitree.

Nandini claims it was her error to trust Maitree and that it is best to get Maitree out of the house. Nandini requests that Maitree give her one last goodbye handshake. Maitree extends her hand. Nandini stealthily hands over Rudraksha to Maitree. Maitree recognises Nandini’s intentions and attempts, but fails, to place Rudraksha on Harsh’s forehead without Jhumki’s awareness. Maitree blossoms.

Jhumki decides to murder Maitree in the room. She emerges from the house in the guise of a snake. Maitree believes Nageshwar Baba will lead her in the right direction. She begins to walk to his house. Three snakes encircle Maitree on the journey. Maitree is terrified and begs Mahadev to save her. She flees but fails to notice the large pit. Jhumki informs Maitree that she must die. Maitree is bitten by Jhumki. Maitree is thrown into a deep pit. Harsh screams Maitree’s name as he wakes up. Jhumki smiles as he sees Maitree’s condition and declares that no one can save Maitree.

Jhumki uses a crane to bury Maitree in the mud. Jhumki later goes home and observes Harsh tense. Jhumki inquires of Harsh as to what transpired.

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Harsh says he has a bad feeling about something. They come out when they hear the summoning ring.

Nandini pushes open the door. She notices Dinesh in tears and inquires as to what happened. Dinesh informs everyone that Maitree has died and that her body has been discovered in a large pit. Nandini sobs while clutching Maitree’s saree, saying it can’t be true. Dinesh drops on the floor and declares, “It’s true.” He requests that Harsh perform Maitree’s last rites.

Harsh declines. Jhumki believes that no one will ever discover that she was responsible for Maitree’s death. Dinesh departs. Everyone retires to their respective rooms. Jhumki informs Nandini that she will be able to attend Maitree’s final rites. She encourages Nandini not to attack her because Maitree is no longer alive. Nandini walks away.

Jhumki sets fire to Maitree’s things. She believes a new story will begin. Nandini later returns home with Maitree’s cremains. Jhumki tells Nandini that she murdered Maitree and pleads for her support if she wants to live.

PreCap: Harsh gets unconscious and faints in front of Jhumki. Jhumki settles down near him and says, if get doesn’t go through all this pain he wont be able to become a Naag.