Maitree 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harsh leaves to find his kid


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Maitree sobs when she sees the empty cradle. Harsh requests that Maitree refrain from crying. Maitree claims she never saw her baby’s face. She promises to sell all of the jewellery and arrange for money to be given to Saransh. Harsh promises to arrange the money as well and calls his pals. Sona retrieves her jewels from the locker. She notices her photograph with Saransh. She becomes upset and smashes the photograph.

Nandini contacts her mother and finds that Vasundhara has left the station. She notices Ashish’s photo and grabs the keys to the car. Sona and Om are also in charge of the finances. The money is counted by Maitree and Harsh. Maitree claims that they still require further funds. Nandini goes home with Ashish’s insurance proceeds and gives Maitree 25 lakhs. Maitree expresses gratitude.

Dinesh shows up. Maitree notices her father and recalls Saransh’s warning. Dinesh is asked to leave. Dinesh claims he came here as her father, not as a police officer. He offers her ten lakh rupees. Maitree hugs Dinesh and apologises for her actions. Dinesh says everything is OK.

Maitree claims that 2 crores have been set aside. Dinesh claims that in rare situations, kidnappers will not release babies even after being paid. Maitree requests that he refrain from speaking in such a manner. The phone rings. Maitree answers the phone and asks where she should bring the money. Saransh inquires as to why she involved Dinesh. She claims she didn’t and asks him to reconsider. Saransh tells her that this is her final opportunity and urges her to meet him at the place he gave her in one hour. Maitree concurs. Maitree informs her family that she would travel alone with money to save her baby. Harsh and family members advise her not to take any chances. Maitree refuses to cooperate and walks away with the money.

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Dinesh and Harsh decide to prepare a contingency plan. They depart. Maitree arrives at the warehouse with cash. She notices the baby crying. Saransh is asked to give her the kid. Saransh approaches her with the baby. Saransh stops Maitree from going to the infant and throws the baby. Maitree runs over to the baby, only to discover it’s a doll. Saransh is amused by her state. Maitree requests that he quit playing games. She requests that he return her kid and the money. Saransh said he enjoys it when she begs him for her baby. He encourages her to plead even more.

Maitree folds her hands together. She gets down on her knees and asks Saransh to give her her baby. Saransh inquires of Maitree whether her baby has sapped all of her bravery. He makes fun of her situation. He notices the cash in the bag. He requests that Maitree take her baby. Maitree is unable to locate her baby and approaches him. Saransh lets go of the rope. Maitree notices he is forcing her to sleep her baby in the tyre. Maitree requests that he deliver her child. Saransh instructs Maitree to jump high in order to take her kid. Maitree falls to the ground in agony after failing to jump high enough. The diya burned in front of God. Sona is concerned and prays for the baby’s well-being.

PreCap: Maitree starts breaking down for her kid. Everyone comes to help Maitree. Harsh grabs Maitree, but she falls down on the floor. Harsh gets infuriated and says, that it’s going to be the last night for Saransh and departs.