Maitree 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini comes back to her senses

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Maitree requests that Sachin limit the size of the presentation. She receives a phone call from Princy. Maitree inquires of Princy as to what transpired. Princy inquires if there is another bottle of cough syrup available for Nandish. Maitree promises to bring another bottle. Sadhna and Dinesh advise her not to go because Vasundhara knows you are the reason she lost the case. Maitree claims Vasundhara knows my father is a genuine officer as well, so she can’t harm me. She walks away.

Sona questions Ashish about why he saved her. Ashish claims she is their house’s elder and that they require her services. Sona is upset about how Om and Kusum treat her. Kusum and Om claim they did it to save Ashish’s life. Sona says I know that Ashish will be proven as innocent but you guys didn’t even apologise to me for hurting me. She claims Vasundhara caused her pain, so I curse her and refuse to let her see her daughter and grandson’s faces. She requests that Ashish win the custody battle on her behalf.

Vasundhara’s brother punishes his son for failing to win the case. Vasundhara asks them to stop talking. She claims she lost the case due to Maitree. Vasundhara’s brother claims Maitree acts like Nandini’s friend, but she is actually Naagin. Maitree shows up. Vasundhara inquires if she will accompany Nandish. Maitree concurs. Vasundhara tells Maitree that she will not allow her daughter to remain with the person who betrayed her, and that she will do anything to save her daughter.

Maitree enters Nandini’s room. She requests that Princy turn off the music. Princy claims she sang songs so Nandini could recover quickly. Maitree requests that Princy play the song she performed at Nandini’s wedding to Ashish. Princy is the one who does it. Nandini moves her fingers in response to the music. It makes Maitree and Princy happy. Maitree asks if she can hear her voice. Nandini adopts Ashish’s surname.

Vasundhara’s brother questions her about not saying anything to Maitree. Vasundhara promises to teach Maitree and her parents a lesson if she wins the custody battle. Maitree calls Ashish and says to Ashish about Nandini’s improvement. Ashish tells his family about it. Sona and Kusum reunite in joy. They visit the temple. Ashish travels to see Nandini.

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Ashish approaches Nandini and attempts to converse with her. Nandini did not respond after Maitree took your name, according to Maitree. Maitree claims that their happiness is mirrored in Nandini’s happiness. She says, “Let’s dance,” and if you make a mistake, Nandini will correct you. To cheer Nandini up, Maitree and Ashish perform a dance to her favourite song. Vasundhara enters and breaks the speaker, interrupting their dance.

Nandini has gained consciousness, according to Ashish and Maitree. Maitree claims to have contacted Ashish and Dr. Bakshi. Dr. Bakshi arrives and observes Nandini blinking her eyes. Nandini, according to Dr. Bakshi, can come to her senses at any time. Everyone feels happy. Vasundhara requests that Ashish leave. According to Ashish, he filed the custody case. He tells her to brace herself for another defeat. He kisses Nandini on the cheek and walks away.

Vasundhara’s brother and wife agree that if Nandini is cured, they will receive nothing from the property. Vasundhara’s brother decides to use water instead of saline. Vasundhara enters the room and inquires as to what they are doing in Nandini’s room. Maitree is given a lift by Ashish. Nandini, according to Ashish, will explain why we didn’t know Saransh was a drug addict. Maitree says she’s looking forward to it. Ashish expresses gratitude to Maitree for her assistance. Maitree claims she only assisted him for Nandini and Nandish. He comes to a stop near her house.

Maitree leaves without her phone. Ashish notices her cellphone. Maitree goes inside and notices her parents haven’t eaten anything. Dinesh says they’re expecting her because it’s a celebration of her new beginning. Sachin informs Maitree that the investors enjoyed her presentation and that the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. Maitree expresses gratitude to him. Sachin inquires as to what she intends to do once her company is established. Maitree says she will send him for upper graduation. Dinesh is asked to retire by her. Ashish arrives and inquires about the need for a legal advisor for her company.

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