Maitree 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhumki Loses Against the Plan


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Maitree searches the bush for Swayam. Maitree hears Swayam’s voice and inquires as to his whereabouts. Maitree comes to an abandoned building and enters it.

In that abandoned building, Maitree discovers Swayam’s photo frame. Maitree realizes Jhumki has captured Swayam in a photograph frame. Maitree throws away the photo frame. Swayam emerges from the photo frame. Maitree embraces Swayam.

Maitree has saved Swayam, and Jhumki realizes it. Jhumki touches Maitree’s shadow, and she disappears right in front of her. Maitree has betrayed Jhumki, she realizes.

Swayam is brought to Triveni Sadan by Maitree. Maitree requests that Swayam remain in the car. When Maitree enters the house, she discovers that all of her family members are imprisoned. Jhumki begs Maitree to give her the Swarnamani or she will destroy her family. In front of Maitree, the occultist tortures her family. Maitree begs Jhumki to stop hurting her family and declares her willingness to hand over the Swarnamani.

Jhumki inquires of the occultist as to what they must do in order to obtain the Swarnamani. Maitree must complete three tasks in order to give Swarnamani to Jhumki and ensure that Maitree will never be able to recover the Swarnamani.

According to the occultist, Maitree must first give up her Golden snake skin to Jhumki. The first rite is performed by Maitree and Jhumki.

The occultist then claims they must exchange the poison in each other. In the second rite, Maitree screams in agony. Swayam prays to Bholenath after hearing Maitree’s cries. The second ceremony is halted by Bholenath. Jhumki inquires of the occultist as to why the second ceremony was halted. The occultist claims that a divine power intervened in the ritual and that the poison she possesses of Maitree is sufficient to perform the third rite. According to the occultist, they must both perform Shiv Tandav. Maitree performs the third rite with Jhumki and hands up Swarnamani to her.

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Jhumki murders the occultist after obtaining the Swarnamani since he knows a lot about Ichadari Naagin. Jhumki decides to murder Maitree’s family in order to undermine her self-esteem. Jhumki summons the snakes and instructs them to inject poison into Maitree’s household.
When Maitree notices this, she goes to Bholenath and begs him to preserve her family. Bholenath sent a sacred ox to aid Maitree.

Outside, Jhumki notices the sacred ox. Bholenath does not want Jhumki to have the Swarnamani, according to Maitree. Jhumki declares that she will not give up the Swarnamani under any circumstances. Jhumki goes up against the sacred ox.

Maitree makes a prayer to Bholenath. The sacred bull triumphs against Jhumki and abducts her. Bholenath returns the Swarnamani to a secure location and transforms Maitree back into a human so she can live happily with her family.

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