Maitree 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kusum Regrets Her Decisions Regarding Maitree


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Swayam is being held hostage by the occultist and Jhumki. Jhumki blackmails Maitree into giving Swarnamani in exchange for Swayam.

Sadhana asks Maitree if she will give up Swarnamani a few hours prior. Maitree has stated that she will not give up Swarnamani. Kusum requests that Maitree at the very least listen to her parents. Harsh inquires if Kusum summoned them. Kusum claims she had no choice but to take Maitree’s side. Harsh says he will back Maitree because he believes she is correct. Sadhana threatens Maitree with suicide if she does not give up Swarnamani.

Sadhana begins to burn herself with wooden sticks, but Maitree sits on the wooden sticks and tells Sadhana that she does not want to choose between giving up Swarnamani to Jhumki or her family because if she gives Swarnamani to Jhumki, the world will be destroyed. Maitree declares that she will commit herself to put an end to this discussion.

Maitree splatters gasoline on the wood sticks. The youngsters question Sadhana about why they are going against Maitree when she is protecting them. Maitree requests that Nandini accompany the children inside.

Maitree is about to burn herself until Kusum intervenes and apologizes to Maitree for being afraid of Maitree in her snake form. Kusum apologizes to Maitree for having misunderstood her. Sadhana apologizes to Maitree as well. Dinesh also praises Maitree, proclaiming her to be Mahadev’s chosen one. Maitree is embraced by the children.

Kusum approaches the occultist and Jhumki. Kusum tells the occultist that they should welcome Maitree in her snake form since she knows Maitree is Mahadev’s chosen one. Kusum turns back and thanks the occultist for their assistance.

Jhumki smacks Kusum across the back of the skull. Kusum loses unconscious when she sees Jhumki. Jhumki makes a remark about Kusum.

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The entire family appears to be celebrating. Maitree searches for Kusum. Maitree notices Kusum leaving. Maitree takes after Kusum. Maitree calls for Kusum, but Jhumki remains silent and guides Maitree to the storehouse.

Harsh takes Maitree aside, thwarting Jhumki’s plot. Harsh requests that Maitree eat something because she hasn’t eaten since the morning. Harsh brings Maitree to the table. Nandini informs Maitree that Kusum has contacted her and informed her that she is heading to the temple. Maitree is skeptical after seeing Kusum go upstairs.

When the occultist and Jhumki notice the time has passed 10:30 p.m., they decide to bring Maitree here. Jhumki tells the occultist not to worry and promises to try something to get Maitree to come here herself.

Harsh is informed by Maitree that she must shed her skin at 11:00 p.m. Harsh requests that Maitree lose her skin in the room. Harsh has stated that he will remain with the children. Nandini, Sadhana, and Dinesh approach Maitree and inquire as to why she summoned them. Maitree claims she made no phone calls. Maitree realizes that they were summoned here in her stead. Maitree believes the children are in danger because everyone is here. From the outside, Maitree’s chamber is locked. Harsh and Maitree knock on the door, attempting to open it.

Jhumki approaches the children and hypnotizes them. Kusum recalls what occurred. Kusum unties herself and opens the door of Maitree’s chamber. Maitree inquires of Kusum as to her purpose for being here. The children approach Maitree and hug her. Maitree inquires of the children as to the whereabouts of Swayam.

Jhumki sends a signal to Maitree. Maitree notices Jhumki’s presence and informs Harsh. Kusum tells Maitree about what happened and how Jhumki got into the house with the occultist. The children also claim to have seen Jhumki.

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