Maitree 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harsh Asks Nandini to Marry him


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Maitree recalls her time with Harsh while cooking. Maitree realises she can’t make the huge decision on her own and contacts her parents, but their phones don’t connect. Harsh believes Maitree is marrying Yash. Kusum suffers from asthma but refuses to use an inhaler. Harsh notices the noise and goes to her room. Family members request that Kusum take an inhaler, but Kusum refuses, stating that they can’t live with their heads raised because of what happened in the morning. Harsh declares that he will not allow them to be humiliated and that he will marry Nandini.

Everyone is taken aback. Harsh approaches Nandini and asks whether she is ready to marry him. Harsh is asked by Sona if he knows what he is talking about. Harsh states that she does not want anyone to call up Nandini’s character because there was no mistake in the morning incident. He requests that Nandini respond. Nandini walks away.

Swayam requests that Maitree and Yash exchange the rings he made to repair their marriage so that they may celebrate. Maitree and Yash are watching. Swayam is adamant that they exchange rings. Swayam’s rings are exchanged by Maitree and Yash in exchange for Swayam’s happiness. Swayam instructs them to prepare for tonight’s gathering, when they will be able to take family portraits.

Nandini mulls over Harsh’s suggestion. Nandish begs the colony kids to let him play with them. Children make fun of Nandish, saying they won’t let him play with them since his mother is having an affair with his Chachi. Nandish engages in combat with them. Juhi returns home and tells her family about the altercation between Nandish and the colony youngsters. Nandish has returned home. Nandini embraces him. Nandish claims he hasn’t heard anything negative about his mother.

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Doctor tells Maitree over the phone that she needs to find out who Swayam’s biological parents are in order to save him. He requests that Maitree keep Swaysm away from potentially dangerous circumstances. Maitree concurs. Yash arrives and informs Maitree that he has instructed Inspector to obtain all of the missing complaints that were registered when she discovered Swayam. Maitree assures Yash that she is ready to marry him and that she will go to any length to ensure Swayam’s happiness.

Nandini informs Harsh that she is ready to marry him and inquires whether he is as well. Harsh claims to be prepared. Family members are taken aback. Sona, stunned, admits she has no idea what is going on at their house. Kusum believes it is all God’s will. Sona asks Kusum to think about Maitree. Harsh notices Juhi having fun. He contacts Juhi and asks her to inform everyone about Swayam’s excellent news. Juhi claims Maitree is marrying Yash and Swayam is starting a family. Harsh is asked if this is true by Sona.

Kusum claims Maitree has moved on. Harsh is correct; Maitree has moved on, and they must follow suit. Nandini approaches Harsh and asks him if he wants to marry her because Maitree is getting married. Harsh claims he wants to marry her for the sake of their children and family. Nandini claims she is ready to marry him for the sake of their children and family. Maitree thereafter gets dressed in the saree that Swayam chose for her. Harsh, on the other hand, prepares.

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