Maitree 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harsh Starts Humiliating Maitree


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Swayam embraced Harsh and addressed him as Papa. Harsh is taken aback and wonders what he is saying. According to this photo, Swayam, you married my mother, Maitree, and thus you are my father. Swaym hugs Harsh and expresses his love for him. Harsh believes Maitree erred by lying to Swayam.

Harsh transports Swayam to Maitree’s home. He is aware of Yash’s concern for Maitree. Harsh apologises to Maitree for interrupting their private moment. Maitree claims he did not disturb them and that he is misinterpreting the scenario. Harsh believes you made a mistake. He questions Maitree about why she informed Swayam he is his father. He begs her to find the guts to tell her son the truth. Maitree claims she doesn’t want to discuss it. Harsh believes your son must be aware that you are a liar.

Maitree asks him not to bring it up in front of Swayam. Harsh insists that Swayam hear the truth, so I will speak in front of him. Yash instructs Swayam to go inside and instructs Harsh to be cautious in front of a child. Harsh wonders who he is to tell him his limitations. Maitree instructs them not to cause drama in front of Swayam. She asks Yash to accompany Swayam inside.

Swayam is led inside by Yash. Swayam requests that Yash explain the problem between his parents. Yash dismisses the conversation as “boring” and instructs him to go to bed. Swayam claims to be thirsty. Yash begs him to remain in the room while he goes to the kitchen to fetch some water.

Harsh questions Maitree about naming her illegitimate child after him. Maitree is surprised and chastises him for stooping so low. She tells him how she got Swayam so close to the trash can. Harsh makes a remark about it and then walks away. Swayam discovers the truth. He is startled and falls unconscious while saying Maitree’s name. Maitree is taken aback by Swayam’s condition. Yash and Maitree accompany Swayam to his room.

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Yash dials the Doctor’s number. Harsh has returned home. Sona chastises him for injuring Maitree. Harsh claims Maitree called you before I got home. Nandini claims you’re mistaken, and I get the truth from Dinesh’s uncle. The doctor examines Swayam. Sona tells Harsh that he has deeply injured them and reminds him that Maitree, like you, lost her baby, yet you blamed her for the baby’s death. Sona claims Maitree is living by adopting an orphan child because you made false accusations against her. Harsh asks them to support Maitree and then departs.

Swayam reports from prior tests are given to the doctor. He examines them and informs Maitree that Swayam has bone marrow cancer. Maitree is taken aback and denies it. Yash inquires of the Doctor as to his certainty. The doctor is certain. Maitree visits her son.

Nandini tries to shift Harsh’s perspective, but Harsh consumes alcohol and says his family is concerned about Maitree, not him. Nandini walks away. Maitree sobs upon seeing Swayam. Swayam will be well with a bone marrow transplant, according to Yash. Swayam becomes conscious. He asks Maitree if he can refer to her as his mother. Yes, Maitree, I am your mother. He inquires about his father.

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