Main Hoon Saath Tere 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Reality Is Revealed to Janvi

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Janvi shouts for help but sees no one around. She notices Aryaman’s phone is wet, making it impossible to call for help. Determined, she puts Aryaman on a hand cart and drags him away, telling him she won’t let anything happen to him and urging him to hang on. Despite injuring her leg by stepping on something sharp, Janvi keeps pushing the cart, trying to get Aryaman to the hospital.

The hand cart’s wheel gets stuck in a small hole. Encouraging herself, Janvi manages to free the cart and continues dragging it.

Meanwhile, Reva offers pizza to Prince. He complains that it’s cold and throws it at her, demanding she make it hot. Kian asks Prince why he is treating his aunt so rudely. Prince responds that Reva is his nanny and mocks her. The other kids join in making fun of Kian. Kian asks Reva why Prince called her his nanny. Reva admits it’s true and begs Kian not to tell Pushkar, fearing he won’t let her work there if he finds out. Kian promises not to tell Pushkar. Reva offers a croissant to Kian, who mistakes it for a samosa. Prince mocks Kian again and takes his carriage, making fun of him.

Janvi tells Aryaman they have reached the main road and urges him not to close his eyes. She tries to get help, but no one stops for them.

Prince and his classmates continue to humiliate Kian, calling him a loser. Kian insists he’s not and shows the prize he won. Prince claims the prize actually belongs to him, saying his uncle Aryaman won it. Kian accuses Prince of lying, but Prince takes him to Aryaman’s room, proving that Aryaman is indeed his uncle. Kian is shocked.

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Some people arrive in a car, take Aryaman, and drive to Bundela mansion. Janvi follows them, confused about what’s happening.

The Bundela family is worried about Aryaman. Janvi remains puzzled. The doctor examines Aryaman and declares he is out of danger, noting that someone gave him CPR at the right time. Muralidhar reveals that Janvi saved Aryaman. Ujwala and Premchand thank Janvi. Realizing Murali is actually Aryaman Bundela, Janvi watches as the family moves Aryaman to his room. Suyesh asks Muralidhar to help the police find Sadhu, and Muralidhar agrees. He then tells Janvi that what she’s seeing is the truth.

Precap: Janvi says to her Bhabhi that when I get to know his real identity, I was shocked. I thought he was a normal person like us, I used to think of him as my good friend but he kept a big secret hidden from me that he is not Murli he is Aryaman Bundela.