Main Hoon Saath Tere 11th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Tells His Family about His Decision.

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Aryaman tells Janvi that he will talk to his family and promises that they will accept both her and Kian. He then leaves for the Bundela mansion.

At the mansion, Murali asks Aryaman if he is sure about revealing his decision to his family. Aryaman confidently says he is sure.

Aryaman gathers all the family members and announces that he likes Janvi, wants to marry her, and considers Kian his son. Raina criticizes Aryaman, saying he stained their family’s name years ago and is about to do it again. Aryaman reminds her that the family’s reputation would have been tarnished by Prince’s actions if Janvi hadn’t saved it. Premchand agrees with Aryaman.

Suyesh asks Ujwala to explain things to Aryaman. Ujwala tells Aryaman that he can find a better girl than Janvi. Aryaman responds that Janvi is his true love and he aspires to have a relationship like Suyesh and Ujwala’s. Suyesh reminds Aryaman that Janvi has a 5-year-old son. Aryaman expresses his love for Kian and his desire to be a father to him. Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to stop and questions if he is doing this for revenge because Brij Bhushan sent him away after the previous scandal. Suhasini interrupts Brij Bhushan, saying she has a suggestion.

Suhasini acknowledges Aryaman’s feelings for Janvi and proposes that only Janvi should enter their house, while they will take responsibility for raising Kian separately. Raina praises Suhasini’s idea. Aryaman firmly opposes it, saying he is against separating Janvi from her son. Ujwala supports Aryaman, stating it’s wrong to separate a mother and child. Raina shouts at Ujwala, and Suyesh warns her not to speak against his wife. An argument ensues, but Premchand intervenes.

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Premchand announces his decision in Aryaman’s favor, shocking everyone. He declares that Janvi is the perfect partner for Aryaman and that Kian and Aryaman exemplify a father-son relationship. Brij Bhushan tries to argue, but Premchand says his decision is final. He assures Aryaman that he supports his decision and will make the family support it too. Aryaman happily hugs Premchand, grateful for his support.

Meanwhile, Bhabhi asks Janvi to eat. Janvi wonders about Aryaman’s confidence. Ritu arrives and informs Janvi that Aryaman announced his decision to marry her in front of his family and that Dadaji agreed to the marriage. Bhabhi and Dadi feel happy and ask Janvi if it’s true. Janvi smiles, and Dadi expresses her happiness about Janvi getting a great partner like Aryaman. Ritu and Bhabhi joyfully dance around Janvi, calling her Cinderella and Aryaman her prince.

Precap: Aryaman’s family arrives at Janvi’s house with a marriage proposal. Suhasini presents Janvi with a Shagun, saying, “Here’s the Shagun for the marriage. I hope you like it,” and insists that she check it. When Janvi removes the cloth, Brij Bhushan reveals a blank cheque, saying, This is a blank cheque. You can write any amount you want. But understand, it’s not Shagun. It’s the price to stay out of Aryaman’s life.