Main Hoon Aparajita 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini virals Veer & Chhavi’s video

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Main Hoon Aparajita 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Akshay comes to Mohini and asks her to break her fast but she says you don’t care for me. Akshay says I brought diamond earrings for you but I can give them to Aparajita now. Mohini takes them and says I am still angry at you. Akshay says I was not at fault, you know I got stuck in a situation. He breaks her fast and says everything happened for a reason, I am closer to my daughters now. Mohini thinks to use Aparajita against him.

Aparajita calls Dadi and says Veer showed care for Chhavi but then I saw him beating that guy like crazy. I am just worried about Chhavi’s future.

Veer calls Chhavi and says if you don’t answer me for marriage then I will kill myself. Chhavi says I need some time. Veer says I can’t live without you, you will have to answer me soon, he ends the call. Chhavi is worried and says I don’t know what to do.

In the morning, Chhavi is working in fear in the laundry. Disha asks if there is any trouble? She says no. Chhavi says thank you for lying to Aparajita for me. Disha says I lied for her, I didn’t want to stress her. Akshay comes there with gifts. Disha says we don’t need them, you want to buy our love? Akshay says I really want to reunite with you people. Disha says I don’t trust you, she leaves from there. Chhavi tells Akshay that I will take the gifts. Akshay says I want to talk to you, he takes her from there.

Anish gets a video from Sunil which shows Veer and Chhavi coming close to kiss. Sunil calls him and tells him to keep their daughter under control, ask Akshay to keep his daughter away from Veer. Anish says I promise Chhavi won’t be near your son anymore, he ends the call. He shows Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video to her. Mohini smirks.

Akshay asks Chhavi if she loves Veer? You can talk to me as a friend. Chhavi says he loves me a lot, he makes me feel special which I never felt but I didn’t know he would propose to me like that. Akshay says what’s your decision? Chhavi says Maa said.. Akshay says just think what you want. I will take your side at any cost because I love you. Chhavi hugs him and smiles. Aparajita comes there and glares at him. Chhavi leaves.

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Anish tells Mohini that we have to keep this video under wraps. Mohini says no, this is my chance to destroy Aparajita.

Aparajita tells Akshay to not give hopes to Chhavi. Akshay says I am just being supportive. Aparajita says I am here to think about her marriage. Akshay says you keep me away from them. Aparajita says you don’t have to agree to them every time just to please them. We can’t take a decision about them till I find everything about Veer. Akshay says do what you want, he leaves. Disha hears all that and angirly leaves. Aparajita goes behind her and says you are not going to the college? Disha says why did you let him enter our lives? Aparajita says its your decision to bring him in your life or not. What he did with me has nothing to do with you. I have to talk to Chhavi but I need your help. You should search about Veer and find everything. Disha nods. Aparajita gets a video of Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video. She is shocked. Disha gets the same video. All neighbors get the video of Veer and Chhavi. The flashback shows how Mohini told Anish that I have to use this video, I don’t care about the business. I will make this video viral. The flashback ends. Mohini says now Akshay and Aparajita will hate each other.

Aparajita and her family are shocked to see the video. Asha says this video is viral now. Chhavi comes there and asks what happened? Aparajita glares at her.

The episode ends.