Maati Se Bandhi Dor 16th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Jaikant angers Vaiju

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Maati Se Bandhi Dor 16th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranvijay saying let her wear the mask, its good to consider safety. Vasundara does Vaiju’s aarti and welcomes her. Vaiju sits for the puja. Vasundara says there is still time. Kaveri likes the house and says your house is lovely, will you show it to us. Vasundara asks them to come. Saleem says Vaiju, you will become the owner of this house in some days. Ranvijay sees Jaya. She goes. Vasundara asks Vaiju to go and see the garden, tell them how to make it better. She asks Ranvijay to take Vaiju along. Jaya asks Vaiju to go. Aai sees the house and smiles. Rao Sahab sees her and says you got your daughter’s alliance. Aai says yes, Vaiju’s proposal. He says no, not Vaiju. Vasundara takes Aai with her. Jaikant looks on. Ranvijay shows the garden to Vaiju. She smiles. She says water is in plenty that side. He stumbles. She holds him. She says you should know the truth about Santosh, whatever he told that day…. I couldn’t tolerate. Ranvijay says Vaiju, whenever I saw you or heard about you, you always stay anger and fight, not everything can be solved by fighting.

Vasundara says this is Ranvijay’s room. Kaveri says its very beautiful. Jaya cries seeing Ranvijay’s pic. Vaiju explains Ranvijay. She says a farmer keeps patience, but when he has to remove a bad plant, he needs power to remove it, what did you do when your mum went to jail. Ranvijay recalls his words.

She says you got angry because your family got insulted, you maybe right, my Aai stays upset, she said I m not delicate like girls, but I m true, I have no regrets. He says it means you won’t change yourself. She asks will you change yourself. He says never, I think its first time, any of our habits matched. She smiles and says it means you think our habits can match. He asks her to wash her hands. Jaya sees Ranvijay at the door and runs to hide inside a cupboard. Rao Sahab asks why are you doing this. Jaya hears them. Rao Sahab says you listen to Vasundara and spend time with Vaiju, why. Jaya looks for the mask. Rao Sahab says listen to your heart, every person has to bear the burden of choosing a wrong life partner, I hope you tell me your feelings, I know you don’t like Vaiju.

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Ranvijay says Vaiju isn’t bad at heart. Rao Sahab says we all saw her, are you thinking to marry her. Vaiju sees Ranvijay’s family pic. Jaikant comes and asks how are you, Vaiju ji. She says fine. Ranvijay says we make an opinion about someone without knowing it. Kaki comes to call them. He takes a towel from the cupboard and goes. Jaikant says we should forget the enmity now. Vaiju says you keep the relation when it forms. He says its imp to talk, you should know the truth about Vasundara. Vasundara and Rao Sahab sit in the puja. Vaiju asks what. Jaikant says Vasundara is dual faced, one what the people see and the other what the family sees. She says don’t say nonsense. He says she is a Daayan. She asks him to mind his tongue.

Jaikant says she is bad, she wants to make you her bahu to take revenge on you, you got her arrested, she said she will teach you a lesson, she will get you here and then supress you. Vaiju slaps him. Ranvijay shouts Vaiju.
Jaya makes Vaiju ready. Ranvijay says truth doesn’t hide for long, you broke my truth for Vaiju, I love you, Jaya, if you love me, then sign me once, I will break this marriage. Vaiju sits shocked.