Luv Kush 9th February 2020 Written Maha Episode Update: Ram And Sita Unite


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The Episode begins with Raavan and Ram facing in the conflict. Maithala comes and welcomes Ram. He says I have originated from Devraj Indra, I have come to help you in the fight. Smash asks how would I trust you. Hanuman says its not Raavan’s snare, the chariot is a present for you from Devtas, acknowledge the blessing. Slam proceeds to board the chariot. He battles with Raavan. They shoot the bows at one another. Slam shields the assaults. Everybody looks on. Raavan turns the sky dull. Slam shoots the bolt and the mists die down. The sun sparkles. Raavan shoots the bolt and executes Maithala. The chariot falls. Slam makes Maithala rests and welcomes. Smash shoots at Raavan. Raavan gets stunned. The bolt proceeds to strike his head off. Raavan recovers his head. He finds a good pace. Raavan gets his ten heads. He says I m interminable. Vibhishan says he is correct, he is honored by Shiv Amrit. Smash says you mean I should step back. Vibhishan says no, I need to let you know, when Raavan bombed in Swayamvar, he went to Kailash to get Amrit. Smash says it implies Raavan’s end should be possible if Amrit dries in his navel. Raavan says you ought to have acknowledged destruction. Smash says recall, your sense of self has murdered you, not me. He rushes to Raavan. He yells Hanuman. Hanuman takes Ram on his palm.

Smash flies noticeable all around and shoots bolt at Raavan’s navel. Raavan tumbles down. Raavan finds a workable pace I had a lot of information and didn’t get you, people shouldn’t have sense of self. He is sorry to him and says Jai Shri Ram. He falls. Slam goes to him and holds his hand. Raavan grins and passes on in his lap. FB closes. Lav and Kush recount to the story. The man says you needed to demonstrate Sita’s virtue, the point didn’t finish at this point, remember that Raavan has kicked the bucket. Lav says Ramayan doesn’t finish with Raavan’s end, by what means will it end without Ram and Sita’s association. The man says they are correct, we will hear whole story. Lav and Kush sing ahead. FB shows Ram coming to meet Sita.

Smash gets enthusiastic and says I have an inclination that I m dreaming to see you. Sita says my heart additionally feels the equivalent. She stops him and says you don’t come, I m remaining here since 10 months, I realize you won’t question on me, however I need to advise that Raavan neglected to achieve me. She touches off the fire. Smash asks what’s this. She says I m doing this for the regard of the considerable number of ladies, with the goal that no lady gives Agnipariksha from now. She enters the fire ring and says I have consumed my time on earth without you and had this fire inside me, Raavan additionally knew this fire and avoided me, in the event that he attempted to conflict with my desire, at that point he would have consumed by this fire, so he didn’t do this misstep. She strolls inside the fire and comes to Ram. Slam cries and says my Sita was constantly unadulterated, and will consistently be. They embrace. FB closes. The man asks did you need to advise this to us, we don’t have a clue about reality, we have heard this story commonly, what will you get into this, we don’t accept this. The man says indeed, let me know whether there is another verification. Slam says yet… Lav and Kush state no, let us handle it. Lav asks do you think we are liars. The man says truly, you are liar, truth is Sita conned Ram, on the off chance that she was valid, at that point she would have come here to given the test, everybody has this uncertainty in their heart, everybody doesn’t have fearlessness to state this. Lav expresses profound gratitude for saying this, we acknowledge your statement.

Lav and Kush descend. They get their bows close by. They shoot bolts and touch off the fire. The individuals get stunned. Lav says you have approached capital punishment for us, we acknowledge it, we will enter this fire kund before all of you. Smash stresses and asks what’s happening with both of you. Sumitra says let them do this, I m sure that nothing can turn out badly. Kaikeyi says truly, its right. Lav says in the event that we have said anything incorrectly while describing Ramayana, at that point we reserve no privilege to remain alive. Kush says on the off chance that our expectation was terrible and to deceive individuals, at that point we reserve no option to remain alive. Lav says on the off chance that we didn’t wish to get regard for ladies and had wrong thought process, at that point we reserve no option to remain alive. They state Jai Siyaram and enter the fire ring. They remain inside. Everybody gets stunned. Slam stresses. Lav and Kush serenade and remain safe.

The fire transforms into blossoms. Everybody looks on. The individuals get stunned. The man says we are sorry to question Sita and question her character, pardon us. Lav and Kush grin and go down the stairs to the individuals. They excuse the man. Kush says you will assume a major job in restoring Sita’s lost regard, don’t apologize. The man says we will regard all the ladies in the general public. Another man says ladies are incredible, they merit regard and love, its occurrence as a result of Sita’s huge penance. Slam cheerfully cries. The individuals request that Ram proceed to get Sita with deference. Slam grins and says Sita… . she hears his voice and grins. Valmiki comes. Lav and Kush return to ashram and get her out. She races to him. They state we have satisfied the guarantee given to you. Valmiki says I disclosed to you Sita, Lav and Kush will join you with Ram. She gestures and cries. Sita returns to Ayodhya with Lav and Kush. She sees the ladies getting a lot of regard. She grins. Kaki sees her and grins. She says Sita mayya and hurries to her. All the individuals hurry to Sita.

The individuals serenade her name and get her to the royal residence. The imperial family comes to respect her. They see Sita coming. Everybody races to embrace and welcome Sita. Sita favors Laxman and Shatrughan. Slam comes and sees her. He gets glad. Negligible paas tum howdy… .plays… They review their minutes. She goes to contact his feet. He stops her. He embraces her. Everybody grins. She says our get-together has got conceivable, at last. He gestures. He brings her into the royal residence. They grin and review the snapshot of their last upbeat minute. Lav and Kush grin seeing them upbeat.

Precap: Ram says our association wouldn’t be conceivable without Lav and Kush. Valmiki says Lav and Kush are your children. Sita gestures. Slam gets stunned.