Lag Ja Gale 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update

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Lag Ja Gale 26th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shiv thinking why is he feeling suffocated, as if someone is pulling him out of darkness. He imagines Ishani telling him that he loves her. He says you are here. She says where is Shiv, there is Ishani, this is our love story. Shiv says you are not here, you are just in my mind and asks her to go. Ishani asks him to ask his heart. She keeps his hand on his chest and says love just happens. Shiv says no Ishani, I can’t love you. Ishani says it is too late now, we are one now and asks him not to stop himself and say that you love me. Shiv says no, I don’t love you. Ishani asks why you think about me always, why you get upset when someone says against me. She says when the proofs of theft was against me, then why you supported me and fought with your family for me. She asks him to say, why? Shiv says because I love you.

He says again and asks what you did, I used to run away from which I was running, you gave me the happiness which I don’t deserve, I am alone and lonely, and says leave me alone and go from there. Ishani says I am inside you, you have to free me. He turns and thinks she was his imagination. He thinks how can you be so weak and love Ishani, and asks if you can’t control your heart. He thinks to control himself and think he will not let anyone know that he loves Ishani, not even to Ishani. He thinks he will go and tell Ishani that he don’t love her.

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Ishani is talking to Pooja and tells that she will make food. Pooja asks her to think about Shiv, and thinks why he will like me? She recalls his words and thinks this can’t be possible, but if it is true then? She sees putting sugar in some other canister. She asks bappa to give her some signal. She writes on a paper, Shiv likes me, and on the other, Shiv doesn’t like me. She tells Bappa that she will close her eye and will pick one, will think it as his sign. She picks the chit, then takes another, then takes the first one which she had picked. She reads Shiv loves her and gets happy. She says I had never thought that Shiv will like me.

Precap: Ishani comes to Shiv office holding the bouquet and says I love you. Shiv tells her that he has nothing in his heart for her. Ishani asks if you are joking. Shiv gets angry and throws bouquet on the floor, asking if she understood. He says I have no feelings for you, Ishani. Ishani is teary eyes.