Lag Ja Gale 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update

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Lag Ja Gale 22nd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ishani asking Inspector to let her make a call to her family and says you can’t stop us. The lady inspector hits her stick on her hand and asks her not to talk about women empowerment, says I am also a khaki uniform woman. The lady thief in the lock up asks Ishani to give her earrings. Ishani asks her to leave her hand and pushes her. The lady thief takes blade out from her mouth and asks her to give earring else don’t cry when she cuts her ears. Ishani shouts calling constable and says she has blade. The lady constable comes there and calls the lady thief as Renu. Renu tells Ishani that she will see her in night. Ishani is scared.

Bhupen comes to his room. Meena says you have come. He says he has brought a good news. Meena says she has good news too. They have a hug. Meena tells that she got the necklace back from the thief. Bhupen says he saw Shiv’s duplicate to oust the Dhoopers. Meena says you are much drunk. Bhupen says it is truth. Tina comes there. Meena tells that the nights will be black for Ishani Kulkarni in Karolbagh PS. Kiran blames Ishani for Shiv going against her. She says she don’t want to meet Kulkarnis again. Tina calls Shiv who is with Jagdish and driving the car. She informs him Shiv that Ishani is in Karolbagh PS. Shiv says thanks Tina.

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Aniket’s friend come there and says he is coming here for the third time. He asks if he had gone to play holi. Aniket says he went to meet a girl, Ishani Kulkarni. The guy says don’t fall for any girl and says if you want to do something then I will take you to Meena Bazaar. Aniket says my Ishani is different, she is the aim of my life. He gets angry for talking bad.

Shiv comes to the PS with Jagdish and tells Lady Inspector that he is Ishani’s father. The lady Inspector asks if you know what your daughter did. Shiv says he has called the lawyer for bail. Inspector says today is holi so bail is not possible. Jagdish asks her to let him meet his daughter once. She lets him meet her. Jagdish and Shiv come to Ishani. Jagdish says I never thought this will happen. Ishani asks him not to worry and says your Ishu is not wrong, nothing wrong with happen with me. Jagdish feels dizzy. Ishani asks Shiv to take him out and make him drink water.

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