Lag Ja Gale 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aniket plans to make Ishani’s holi colorful

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The Episode starts with Sulochana meeting a Pandit and asking him if he made kundali just as she told. He says he made black kundali and whoever sees it, will not let the girl’s reflection fall on them. Aniket thinks that Rachna will not trouble Ishani now. He thinks if Ishani goes there and they don’t play holi with her, then…He says Ishani is an orphan like me, they used to beat me and lock me in room, to refrain me from playing holi. He says he will give all colors to Ishani and he will play holi with her. He says I will make your holi special, happy holi Ishani.

Rachna comes home. Ishani says you came home and asks how was your photo shoot? Rachna is scared. Ishani says I will give you water. Rachna says I will take it myself. Ishani asks her to take her earrings. Rachna says no, and she makes Ishani wear it. She thinks who was that guy who threatened me for Ishani. Sulochana comes home. Jagdish asks where was you? Sulochana says she will come. She asks if you bought something to take there. Jagdish says 2 kgs Gujiya. Sulochana thinks they will not look at Ishani. She goes to room and thinks to wear the necklace which she had stolen kept near Ishani’s bag. Kiran, Shiv and others apply tilak to Aniket’s photo. Shiv asks Kiran not to be sad thinking about Aniket today. Dimple asks Shiv not to apply color to her. Shiv runs behind her to apply her color. Yash gets a call and goes. Kiran asks Shiv to go out and play holi.

Bhupen asks the men to play dhol just as the special guest come. Aniket comes there and colors his face with purple color. He thinks to apply color to Ishani. Sulochana, Jagdish and the family come there. Sulochana is not wearing the necklace. Shashi comes there and greets Sulochana and others. She applies them color. Ishani asks where is Pooja and goes to meet her. Sulochana gives Kundalis to Shashi. Meena comes there and insults Sulochana, and says they call poor to give charity.

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Aniket sees Ishani and comes to her playing dhol. Ishani senses displeasure. Bhupen is about to drink thandai, when he hears dhol sound. Meena comes to Bhupen and blows color on his face. Aniket tells the dhol guys that they shall make everyone dance. Ishani comes to Kiran and greets her. She then greets Tina, Dimple and dance with them. Shiv comes there and sees Ishani dancing. He looks at her. Ishani thinks he didn’t apply even tika, if he is not playing holi. Shiv says Ms. Fried rice has arrived, I will not leave her today and will take revenge from her. Ishani comes to Jagdish and says she will meet Shiv. Jagdish asks her to go. Aniket is walking behind her and thinks to apply color to her, and says I promise that you will never forget this holi. Ishani walks towards Shiv. Shiv goes away and thinks today you will meet real Shiv Dhooper, I will color you fully. Aniket picks a color and says this color will be my love first color. He hears Ishani asking Shiv not to apply her color. Shiv says it is my party and my rules, and says he will apply color to her. Aniket thinks who is he, who wants to apply her color, and thinks to kill him if he touches Ishani.

Episode ends.