Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj shows trust in Kesar

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar telling Hetal that Kabir was going from the way, when he sees us, clicked the photo and sent congrats message. Hetal asks what did you reply to him and asks her to show her phone. She asks if you have any problem and asks her not to hide from Suraj. Jinal asks if she told you about her phone password. Jayati says you shall know. Hetal tells that these starting days are important for husband and wife and says if she wants to keep you in dark from now itself. Ambika asks why girls shall share their phone passwords with anyone. Jinal asks what privacy is needed between husband and wife. Hetal says Kesar’s life is open book, then why she is hiding password from her. Ambika asks Kesar if Suraj shared his phone password with her. Kesar nods no. Ambika asks Jinesh if he knows Hetal’s phone password. Jinesh says no. She asks Jinal if she knows Pareen’s phone password. Baa tells that there are many things which we share with the person we trust more, like Jayati shares with me, Ansh shares with Suraj etc. Hetal insists that Kesar shall share the password with Suraj. Riddhi says Kesar shall end the matter now, by giving the password. Kesar says I agree with Baa and Masu, but I will give password. She writes password on tissue paper and gives it to Suraj. Suraj takes the tissue papers and burns it with the temple diya. He says Kesar said and that’s enough for him. He says Kesar has his mother’s values and he has no doubt on her. He tells Hetal that if we trust someone then that person dedicates herself/himself to us, and asks her to try this once. Kesar smiles looking at Suraj. Ambika is also relieved.

Baa tells Ambika that she doubts Hetal’s intentions. Ambika tells that she is happy that Suraj stood by Kesar and tells that they shall know each other. Baa tells that in Gujrati couples, if they want to date then they shall go to garba classes for dating. She asks Ambika to send them to garba classes and send them together. Ambika says don’t know why Hetal is doing this.

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Later Suraj tells Ambika that he can’t learn garba, as he can’t dance. Ambika says ok, don’t dance. She says people will expect you both to do garba in functions, and if you don’t do it then they will blame me for sending you abroad, and that’s why you couldn’t learn our customs. Suraj agrees to go to garba classes. He goes. Kesar smiles. Ambika asks what Kesar, with what relation she said this. Kesar says Maa..

Shakuntala asks Aarti to conduct classes for older rich men and then marry one of them. Aarti gets sad and tells that she don’t want to marry old man. Shakuntala asks her to concentrate on rich word. Aarti goes, while Shakuntala thinks Kabir got rich girl.

Suraj and Kesar leave for the garba classes with Darshan, Dhruvi and Riddhi. Kabir’s friend is upset with him that he doesn’t realize his feeling for Kesar. Just then Kesar comes there with Suraj. Suraj asks Kesar if she minds that she has called them here. Kabir comes there. Suraj asks if he is following him and asks him to go to his home. Kabir goes. Suraj says where dance class happens. Dhruvi and Riddhi taunt on the dance class and talks about rating. Kesar tells that rating is given to the trainer and not to the class. Kabir comes there and says it is his house. Aarti says he is her brother and she is the trainer. Shakuntala imagines Kesar coming to her and giving her necklace. Her husband asks if she is day dreaming? Shakuntala scolds him and asks him to go.

Jayati tells that Darshan keeps his stuff everywhere. Hetal thinks this house is spacious, while they stay in 2 bedroom flat. Jinal says it seems they will marry soon. Hetal says don’t remind me and recalls Suraj’s advice. She peels off the face mask from her face and says Suraj is blindly trusting Kesar and says we have to open his eyes, and have to make him understand that this relation is not just bad for the house, but also for him too.

Episode ends.