Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Kesar that she is his friend. Kesar says when you got in trouble, you didn’t tell me. He asks why did you do this? Suraj tells Ananya that whatever happened with Nikita, was an accident, I regret it and can’t change the past. A fb is shown, Suraj pushes Nikita asking her to do whatever she wants. She falls on the road, when the car hits her. Suraj shouts Nick. Ananya says you said right that you can’t change the past and says everything was so good before that accident. A fb is shown, Suraj and Nick pose with best couple ever board, and Ananya pose with them as Kabab me haddi. Suraj and Nick laugh. Fb ends. Suraj recalls and a fb is shown again. Nick comes to Suraj and asks him to get habitual to wait for them. She shows her positive pregnancy report. Suraj asks her to abort the baby. Nick tells that this is her baby, their baby and says they shall think about marriage. Suraj tells that he can’t marry her or can’t give his name to the baby. He tells that he is bounded by his Mother’s swear and tells that he is already engaged to a girl in India. Nick is shocked and slaps him hard. She asks if you was having a good time with me till now. He says you should have told me that you are dreaming to spend your life with me. He says my life’s design is clear and says I have to fulfill my mother’s swear and has to marry the girl selected by my mother, I don’t have a choice. Nick asks him to accept her and her child and says I will give birth to this baby, and will tell him about his dad, when the right time comes. He holds her hand asking her to listen. She asks him to leave her hand. Suraj asks her to do whatever she wants, and pushes her. Nick falls on the car and meets with an accident. Suraj shouts Nick. Fb ends. Suraj thinks nobody shall know about this.

Kabir tries to talk to Kesar. Ambika comes there and tells that she is upset with him. Kabir says I have a mother at home, but you have always guided me like a mother. Ambika forgives him and asks him not to do this again. Suraj tells Ananya that he couldn’t forgive himself, but whatever happened with Nick was an accident. He tells that he used to love her a lot, and it was an accident, but rather than saving her, I ran away from there. He says this truth can’t come out. He says do you know that why I left England and return to India. He says I was away from my mother since my childhood, and has felt her love from far for 20 years, but couldn’t felt it closely. He says if I had known that Nikita was serious about me, then I would have told her as I know that he has no place in her future. He says he wants to become the person for Kesar, which he couldn’t be for Nikita. He tells that he was a coward then and tells that he has to live all his life with guilt.

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Kabir tells Ambika that he will leave now. Kesar asks Ambika to rest in her room and says she will make tea for her. Ambika asks how do you know that I need tea. Kesar says we have connection of Bluetooth. Ambika laughs. Kesar makes tea and comes out of kitchen. She sees Ananya standing and calls her. Ananya says I have come to tell you about Suraj’s truth which you shall know before your marriage else you will repent all life. She says the truth is ……

Jigni asks Kabir, why you didn’t tell Suraj’s truth to Kesar. Kabir says I will tell, but didn’t get the chance. Jigni tells about Sant Kabir’s words. Kabir says don’t say anything. Jigni says I know your heart and feelings and know that you loves kesar. He reminds him of his promise and says you are hiding your feelings from Kesar. Kabir thinks to tell her, and thinks how Kesar will react.

Ananya tells that Suraj has spent 20 years in London with the hope that he will fulfill his mother’s swear. She says he madly loves you since then and says if she has same intensity of love as him, then only marry him, else his life will be ruined. She says I hope you will take the decision wisely.

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