Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj injures Bachchan, Kesar gets family’s consent

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 3rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Suraj coming near Kesar for a kiss. Kesar moves back. Suraj asks what happened, we are about to get married. Kesar says yes, until then we shall stay in limits. Suraj thinks she is feeling shy. Kesar is getting down the stairs, and falls. Kabir holds her. Kesar looks at him. Kabir says if you see me so much then I will have to get ticket. He asks if arrogant Suraj said something. Kesar looks at him. Kabir says he wants to say that she has won everyone with her goodness. She picks the flower basket. He takes it and says you have injury on your hand. Ambika and Kesar come for the celebration. They pray to God and starts doing garba, while Kabir is playing music. Everyone smiles looking at them. Suraj gets upset seeing Kabir looking at Kesar.

He goes to Kesar and holds her hand. Kesar looks at him. Kabir gets sad. Suraj holds the diya in his hand. Kesar and Suraj dance on the somng Udi Udi Jaaye….He tries to kiss her hand while dancing, but she resists his touch many times. Kesar asks what you are doing Kesar, and asks him to have patience till marriage. Suraj asks her to become modern. Kesar says our thoughts are different and asks him if he can’t respect her thought. Kabir gets upset and comes there to dance with Kesar. Suraj feels sidelined as Kabir and Kesar dance. Kesar happily dances with him. Surah turns his face and breaks the juice glass. He says this is your last dance, you are coming to Kesar for the last time. Bachchan hears Suraj. Suraj goes out and compromises with Kabir’s bike. Bachchan comes behind and says I will go and tell everyone that you want to harm Kabir. Suraj tries to stop him. Bachchan refuses. Suraj hits him and Bachchan falls down. His head gets severely injured and he faints. Suraj gets shocked and asks him to get up. He recalls a woman screaming for help. Kesar comes out. Suraj hides an injured Bachchan. Kesar asks why did you come out? Suraj says so that I can steal you from everyone. He says I don’t want to wait anymore and proposes her for marriage. Kesar smiles and nods her head in agreement. Ambika and Baa hears them. Kabir gets heart broken. Ambika says now she wants to be a good saas and do justice with my beti. Baa says surely. Ambika comes to Kesar and Suraj. They take their blessings. Ambika says you both are the basis of my swear and I am happy to see you together. Baa blesses them. Ambika says your consentment made the relation stronger and says we shall go inside and take everyone’s consent. Kabir is about to leave teary eyed, but Ambika stops him for Aarti. Kabir says ok. Bachchan falls.

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Ambika tells all the family members that Suraj and Kesar will ask for your permission to marry, and asks them to give their consent with their wish, after the aarti. Bachchan gains consciousness. Ambika does the aarti. Suraj is worried. Kesar smiles. Kabir whispers don’t ruin your life by marrying Suraj, he is not right for you. Hetal recalls Kesar saving them from the fire. Jayati recalls Kesar teaching dance to Darshan and helping him. Bachchan slides to come there. Jayati and Darshan do the aarti. Suraj does the aarti and then Kesar. Kabir asks God to do something so that they don’t get anyone’s permission. Bachchan is coming there and calls Kabir. Suraj turns, but doesn’t see him. Kabir is about to look out, but stops hearing the puja still going on. Bachchan faints.

Baa tells Kesar that she has accepted her long back and blesses her. Hetal tells Kesar that she has taught her to be connected with the family, and accepts her as bahu and kisses on her forehead, blessing her. Jayati says even Darshan speaks about your goodness and blesses her. Jinal says we will be happy to see you as bahu and hugs her. Kabir’s friend calls him out and asks him to see Bachchan outside. Kabir gets shocked to see him injured.

Precap: Suraj gifts a nighty to Kesar and asks her to wear it. She refuses. Kabir tells the other friend that he needs 50 lakhs for bachchan’s treatment. Queen asks him to bring Kesar and take 50 Lakhs from him.