Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 24th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ambika cries feeling Suraj’s pain

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 24th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar crying and says my Maasu left me. Just then the cloth moves away from the lady’s face and she is someone else. Kesar takes a sigh of relief. The lady’s daughter comes there and starts crying. Kesar gets up and starts walking, thinking where is Maasu. Jinal calls Ansh again. Shakuntala reaches the PS and sees Ansh in the lock up. She takes his photo in the lock up and says this photo will make me Ambika Raj Gaur’s Samdhan. She starts acting and calls Ansh as Damad ji. She tells Inspector that they are going to marry next month, and tells that if this marriage breaks then we will be ruined. She offers him money. The Inspector takes it and asks Ansh to see how his mother in law pleaded infront of him. He asks Constable to free him.

Doctor gives injection to Babu ji and says his BP shot up as he didn’t take the tablet. He goes. Baa says Ambika and Kesar used to give him medicine, but don’t know where Ambika went, and Kesar is searching her. Kesar worries for Ambika. Suraj is about to hit Ambika and says such mother shall die, and then he recalls how she used to protect him in his childhood and turns the car away, shouting Maa. He gets down from the car. Ambika says Suraj….

Kabir and Jigni come to the travel agency shop. Kabir sees a boy and asks if he is following him. The boy refuses. Kabir gives him money and take tea. He asks him about the travel agency guy. The boy says he had gone to his village, and tells that he is not his wife to know when he will return. Kabir asks can’t you talk straight. Suraj sits down and shouts. Ambika asks do you want to kill your mother. Suraj says yes. Ambika asks why? He says you have forced me and discriminated your own son like step son. He says you have separated me from you and I stopped feeling that I am your son. He says Kesar has right on the house, on your lap and everywhere. He says you have given me birth, but made me as an orphaned. He says if you wanted to behave this way then why did you give birth to me. He asks do you have any answer. Ambika cries. He says I was passing each day in London since 20 years, thinking that when I come here, I will rest myself in your lap, but after coming here, I came to know that I have no place in your lap. He says I am your only son, but what I do, separation of 20 years and a responsibility of your swear. Ambika says don’t say this. He says I had lost Papa before and can’t complain to him, but you have made me as an orphan, though you are alive. He says my life is an irony…and says you have given mother and father’s love to an orphan girl, you did right, but you have done it sacrificing your own son. He says Kesar got Raj Gaur values, and I got London’s disturbed and secluded upbringing. He says whatever I am today, is because of you, you are responsible. Ambika cries hearing him.

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Kabir gives more money to the boy and asks him to tell about the guy. The boy tells that the travel agent boy is Kalpesh, and tells that he makes passports early and tells that he has sent two boys to America. Kabir asks him to inform him when he returns. The boy says ok. He tells Jigni that once it is confirmed that it is Suraj, that everything will be revealed.

Suraj tells Ambika that he tried to kill her, but his hands turned the steering wheel. He says I couldn’t forget that you are my mother and has given me birth, though you have forgotten this 20 years ago. He starts going, when Ambika holds his hands. She says Suraj….please forgive me. She says I don’t know when did I become a bad mother, I didn’t know. She tells him that Ambe Maa is the witness that I never differentiated between Kesar and you, and says whenever you get hurt, I feel the pain. She says you are my pride and bends down infront of her. Suraj asks her to get up and says you are my mother. Ambika apologizes to him and asks him to give her a chance, and says I will try to become a good and better mother for you. Suraj wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. Ambika says don’t go away from me, and says I have sent you away once, and only I know how I was yearning for you. She apologizes to him. He asks her not to cry and says your tears burns my heart like acid would do, and says we will not cry from now onwards. Ambika cries. He asks her not to cry. Kesar reaches there and sees Ambika and Suraj hugging each other and crying.

Precap: Suraj thinks whatever happened today is good. He says he will handle Kesar. Kesar comes there.