Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar pledges to fulfill Ambika’s pledge

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kesar asking Ambika and says this is a lie, I am not an orphaned. I am not your beti, but bahu. She cries and runs from there. Ambika tries to go behind her, but Baa stops her and says Kesar has told her decision. Kesar runs on the road and falls down on the road. She hears Kabir asking Shakuntala why did she tell truth to Kesar, and tells that it was her family matter. Shakuntala says Kesar offered me money. Kabir says you hurt her for money, why you are so greedy. Shakuntala beats him and says yes, I am greedy and brought you up with that money. She says I gave you birth and Doctor took 50000 Rs for the operation. She shows the expenses and diaper money. She asks shall I tell you how much money, I have spend on you, and says 8 lakhs and change. Kabir is shocked and says you have kept all the calculations. She says Ambika kaki is better than you, and says she has brought her from orphanage, and never told her that that she is an orphan so that she doesn’t feel bad.

Kesar recalls Ambika’s love. Shakuntala scolds him. Kabir says I will leave the house. Shakuntala says I will not let you go until you pay me all the money, spent on you. She says if I can make you, then I can break you too. Kabir’s father tries to pacify him. Shakuntala takes her husband along with him. Kabir sees Kesar and comes to her. Kesar says I thought my mother wrong, anything would have happened with me, but she saved me and gave me such life which was not destined in my life. She says my mother heard everyone’s taunts and then also didn’t tell my truth to her, so that I don’t feel bad. She says why I thought her wrong, what happens if she didn’t adopt me to make her as her bahu and not her beti. She says her love will not get less even then. She says today also I hurt her and questioned her. She says I have to return to my mother and runs.

Kabir runs behind her asking her to stop. Kesar is running on the road. Kabir collides with someone and loses track. He stops. Kesar runs and collides with the goons who are searching her. The goon looks at the trishul sign on her hand and kidnaps her. They take her in the big truck. Kesar gains consciousness and sees the goons sitting. The goon hears on the radio that Ambika Raj Gaur’s bahu Kesar is kidnapped, whoever gives her info will get 50 lakhs reward. Kesar also hears him. She shouts Maa..the goon says Ambika will never get Kesar back and her try to get her back will be waste. He says nobody will come to save her. Kabir jumps on the truck. They stop the truck and come out. Kabir throws mud on their eyes, and runs with Kesar. The goons come infront of her. Kabir asks her to run from there. The goon hits Kabir and he faints. The goons are taking Kesar when Ambika hits them with the lathi stick, and asks how dare you to touch my Kesar. Kesar cries seeing her and her love. The Police reaches there and asks Ambika to leave the goon, while other goons run away. They arrest one of the goon. Kabir’s friends too reach there and ask him if he is fine. Ambika asks Kesar if she is fine? Kesar nods her head. Ambika asks Commissioner to take the kids to their houses. Commissioner asks Inspector to drop them. Ambika hugs Kesar.

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The goons come to the brothel. The transgender dressed as the dancer is dancing. The goon tells her that they have found the girl Kesar, but Ambika Raj Gaur has adopted her as her bahu, and didn’t let us take her. The transgender says you gave a good news, and tells that Ambika Raj Gaur shall keep my safe keeping safe, and says I am her Mama, and will not let my niece with a stranger. She/He laughs.

Baa sees Kesar and thanks God for saving her. Ambika tells Baa that if Kabir had not stopped the goons, and if his friends haven’t informed me then don’t know what would have happen. She is about to go. Kesar says you brought me here, gave me love and everything, but what I did, I didn’t wake up on time, used to get angry, used to read comics rather than studies. Ambika says past is past, don’t be sad. Kesar says when I ran outside, I saw that even the own mothers don’t give love to their own children, like you have given me. She says when that goon took me with him, I was missing you and was thinking somehow I shall get you. She says until you are with me, it doesn’t matter if your relation with me is of Maa or Sasumaa. Ambika says my swear is not burdened on you, and says when the time is right, Suraj and you shall meet and decide if you both want to marry or not. Kesar says it is my swear to fulfill your swear. Ambika tells her that to fulfill any aim, we have to be fully dedicated with heart. Baa tells that elders told wisely that bahu can’t be beti and saas can’t me maa. Kesar says bahu can become beti, we will prove this saying wrong. She touches Ambika’s feet and says I will fulfill the swear taken by my mother 12 years back. She says I will not give you promise, as it breaks, but I will dedicate myself to this family and house fully, the difference between saas or bahu, or maa or beti, I will end all the difference with my dedication, as it is relations name, but in real means, Saas Maa, aur Bahu beti hoti hai…Ambika gets emotional and hugs her.

Episode ends.