Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala compromises with wedding cards

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 21st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Jigni that Ambika Kaki is doubtful on Suraj, so that means that Suraj has done something big. Jigni asks what he will do? Kabir tells that he will find out about Suraj’s truth. Bachchan hears him in coma state. Suraj is upset that Ambika is trying to search about him, after sending him to America for so many years. Kabir says I will expose Suraj. Suraj comes to Kabir’s house. Kabir asks Suraj….you are here. Suraj says I never asked you, what you are doing in my house. Kabir asks him to come. Suraj says I need your help. He says do you know some IT guy, and says someone is trying to blackmail me, so I want to track the exact location. He says he has given this work to two guys. Kabir says I will tell you and asks who will blackmail you, and asks what is the secret you are hiding. Suraj thinks pigeon is trapped and will believe the fake story. Suraj says your karma and past don’t leave you. He says I made you do so much against Kesar, and since then I am changed, if you want then you can blackmail me for that. He says likewise, others can blackmail me too, I can’t tell them personally that I have changed. He asks him to search IT guy to install software in his phone. Kabir says ok. Suraj thinks Kabir will be silent for few days now.

Ansh and Aarti meet in the restaurant. Ansh orders cappuccino. Aarti tries to tell him. He says you are looking very beautiful. Aarti tells him that Suraj Bhai has come to know about them. Ansh gets worried and tells that he will put emergency break. Aarti says he is happy with our alliance.

Baa talks to Ambika about Kesar and Suraj. Ambika thinks to find out about Suraj. She says they have to go to select card. Kesar says she will do the work. Baa tells Ambika that she is lucky. Ambika, Jinal, Jayati and Hetal come to Parikh Bhai’s office and give him order of card design. Then they leave. Shakuntala hears and thinks it will be fun now.

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Kabir tells Jigni that Suraj shall get a chance. Jigni says if he ruins Kesar’s life. Kabir says we have to find out. Jigni tells that two guys are going to London. Kabir recalls Suraj telling about the guys and asks Jigni to get the info. Shakuntala comes to the card printing office, and acts as Ambika, and asks the guy to stop the printing of the house. She tells that even the children knows since 20 years that Kesar and Kabir are getting married. She asks him to write the groom’s name as Kabir, and asks him to publish 500 cards. He says ok. She says there will be dhamaka wherever this card goes. Ambika calls Kabir and asks him to come to temple. He says ok. Hetal calls Ambika. Ambika asks why did you call me as I am going out. Hetal says I want to ask something. Ambika says later and goes. Jinal and Jayati tease Hetal. Hetal goes. Shakuntala calls Hetal. Hetal asks why did you call me? Shakuntala asks if Ambika scolded you. She provokes her. Hetal ends the call. Shakuntala tells Bhakti that she will lie and provoke Hetal until she falls prey to her. Bhakti asks what you will do? Shakuntala says Hetal will fight with Ambika and Kesar, and this will stop Kesar and Suraj’s marriage, and then Kabir and Kesar will marry.

Ambika calls Kesar and asks her to come to temple with Suraj, as she has kept puja for them. She ends the call. Kesar tells Suraj that Maasu is calling us for puja. He asks why does Maa calls you. He then says that he is joking and says we will soon be one. He says he will come there after some work on the way. Kesar goes. Suraj gets Ambika message. Ambika asks Pandit ji to get solution for kesar and Suraj’s problems in their relation. Kesar comes there and asks what solution? Kabir comes there and says I know what Kaki is hiding.

Episode ends.